An interview with Alexandra Sixt successful entrepreneur in Ibiza


The German Alexandra Sixt lives on Ibiza and is a very busy lady. She runs her own PR & Event Agency and online magazine and, together with her husband, she opened a Beach Club on the lovely Niu Blau beach. She also helps in the family business of her husband and together with Christina Bosman she organises a monthly event for business women in Ibiza. She has style, is a beautiful lady and a successful entrepreneur on our beautiful island and we were dying to ask her all about her life.

Ibiza Inside: Thank you very much for doing this interview with us. Who is Alexandra Sixt?

Alexandra: Born in the south of Germany I moved over Ulm, Hannover, Berlin to Ibiza 5 years ago I always knew once in my life I will live in the south of Europe on the bright side of life! Call it fortune, luck or ambition, I think all three together made me living here!

Ibiza Inside: You are a very busy lady running various businesses and events. Can you tell us more about what you do?

Alexandra: I studied hotel management but as well PR so now I can combine both Pura Vida Beach Club our stunning restaurant, Six Communication my PR & Event Agency for weddings, incentives…and kind of concierge, Scala Ibiza THE German Online Lifestyle Magazine to show Ibiza fans the beauty and news of the island and of course my husband’s family business with the bakery, restaurant and Catering since over 35 years! We get not bored ;)! and we love it!

Pura Vida Beach Club

Dining Area_left side bar_and in front left side ceremony_behind you Dancing Area

Ibiza Inside:  Do you have some tips for people who would like to start their own business on Ibiza…?

Alexandra: You have to think about something unique, you do not need to invent a new business, but yours should have something special which makes it more attractive for clients, guests…and be yourself! You have to work harder in Ibiza then anywhere if you will have the same success, so do not give up after 2 years when you can not see the success you expected. It takes longer here!

Ibiza Inside: What are your hopes and dreams for the future…?

Alexandra: That Ibiza will be still this magic island with glamorous lifestyle in summer, amazing restaurants & Beach Clubs, fabulous nightlife and incredible nature…my personal dream to get all the support from our business ladies from the  “International Women’s Breakfast Club” to stop the oil drilling!

Ibiza Inside: What does your perfect day of on Ibiza look like?

Alexandra: Summer: either hanging around in our garden, being lazy, reading newspaper and magazines and having a great dinner or going out by yacht to Formentera and having a huge lunch over hours…! Winter: spending time with friends, cooking together or visiting one of the great restaurants on Ibiza…


Ibiza Inside: What is your favourite secret place on Ibiza?

Alexandra: To be is of course our own Beach Club chilling on one of the daybeds and enjoying life by having a sip of a cooled white wine…

Ibiza Inside: When we say Ibiza you say…?

Alexandra: Summer, sunny, holiday!

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