If You Think You Are Going Nowhere In Business

Are you stuck in your business..? Last night i was watching a documentary about Tony Robbins, I´m not your guru on Netflix.If you are ready to change your life and start your business i highly recommend you watch it.

There was this couple and the woman totally dominated her boyfriend. And tony´s goal was to awaken the fighting spirit in the boyfriend. He told them a story that i´d love to share with you today.

The lion and the sheep

Once there was a family of lions. The lion cub was the only child of the family.The little lion enjoyed growing up on the far stretched savanna´s of Africa.

One day the little lion was awakened by the sound of approaching cars. He rushed in between the rocks afraid of the unknown threat.

Gazing between the rocks he witnessed a group of men gun down his parents.
Time stood still and the little lion froze from fear and disgust.

The little lion was lying for days in between the rocks until a group of sheep found him.The little lion was adopted by the group of sheep and raised as their own.

Many years past and the little lion was fully grown. He behaved as a sheep walked like a sheep and even talked like a sheep…

Bah bah bah bah was the sound that came from his mouth.

One full moon night the lion was awakened by loud screams from the sheep. For a short moment a flashback came from the deepest darkest dungeons of his mind.

He re lived the killing of his parents all over again..

He rushed and hid behind a pile of rocks and witnessed a group of lions killing all the sheep… He was petrified..

He truly thought this time he would loose his life as well…

All of the sudden he heard a sound behind him… He quickly turned around and looked in to the big eyes of the alpha lion.

The lion stood tall and he could see his majestic stature against the moonlit sky. His loud roar echoed across the savanna´s

The little lion heart stopped…

The alpha lion came closer and took the little lion by the neck and dragged it to a puddle of water..

He pushed the little lions face close to the water and said: “Look you are not a sheep you are a lion”

You can imagine the confusion in the little lions head… Who am i? What am i suppose to do..

The next thing the alpha did was offered him a piece of sheep meat. “Now Eat ” he said.

The little lion was almost about to throw up.. How can he eat the sheep who raised him and thought him how to follow…

Before he knew it the Alpha pushed the meat in the little lions mouth and forced him to swallow..

At first nothing happened.. But after a couple of seconds he rushed to the carcasses of the dead sheep and devoured them ..

With a bloody mouth he stood tall and Roared…. “Now Roar harder” the alpha said firmly.

The lion roared from bottom of his lungs!!… living his remaining life as a lion – That is his purpose…

Now it´s time to be real with yourself and your business

I challenge you to walk to a mirror and look yourself deep in the eyes…

What do you see…?

A sheep, that follows and is influenced what others say.

do you see someone that wants to fulfill his purpose? Are you!!??

Look at yourself and ROAR from the bottom of your lungs… Don´t give a FUCK what others think…

Start your ´Perfect Business´ today!!

You are a lion in sheeps clothes… You need to break free and follow your heart. Make a difference…

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We are a pack of lions and we ROAR… We live life on our terms and we get shit done.. No room for sheep..

Rant over…

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