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There are many way you can work with us. We are here to help you set up or run your business with purpose, simple systems and the power of great relationships. Choose the one that suits you best

Free resources

We love to invite you to read through our blog. We have written countless of articles about our live in Ibiza. We share with you how we set up and run our businesses on a day to day basis.

One of our businesses is The Workout Club Ibiza. A personal training and outdoor fitness company. We are passionate about health.

We are firm believers that a healthy body and mind will improve your business and more importantly your life. That’s why you will find a lot of articles, interviews and videos about body and mind.

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Get one of our products

When you like to learn more about a certain subject we’ve got your back. We have created ebooks, mini courses and even a online fitness platform for you. Feel free to browse in our shop to find the product that suits you best.

Start your business The Ibiza Way university

Over the years we have created systems and simple action steps to help you setting up or run your business just like we do.

In the Get Shit Done The Ibiza Way course we are taking you through each step in detail to help you to set up or improve your business.

The course opens up twice a year. We do that because we love to give our full attention to our members when they join the family.

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Book us as your coach

We can imagine that you need some personal guidance. Together with you we look at your goals, your purpose and your business. We are going to create a tailormade step by step action plan. This will not be just theory and some ideas.

We like you to Get Shit Done. That’s why we will create a 90 day action plan that will take out the guess work and overwhelm.

It’s never the right moment so let’s start now… Plan your FREE 15 min. Strategy call right here.

Book us as your  speaker

Do you like your event to be coloured by our energetic and no nonsense and entertaining approach. We love to speak at your event about business mindset and Getting Shit Done the Ibiza way. Your guests will go home with some great ideas to improve their business that they can implement right away.

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