How Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year Transformed my business and life!


90 Day year program hosted by superstar mindset and performance coach Todd Herman Has doubled my business in 3 months.I have learned to have the mindset of a gold medalist Olympian, the skill to validate, test and launch fast.

Everything about laser focus and I complete different look at goals and mindset and one of Todd’s brilliant concepts of context switching was the soul of our exponential growth in only 90 days.

What is the 90 Day Year program that is changing so many lives of entrepreneurs around the globe including mine.? Who is this guy Todd Herman who is responsible for so many success stories of entrepreneurs I admire.


Let’s Get Started


Now it is time to turn on your phone and pay some serious attention. Because what I am about to share with you might change your business and life. For a fact it has changed mine.

Let me introduce myself. I am Virgil an ordinary person from Holland, just like you. Back then together with Marisa, we were living our busy lives in Amsterdam. We were quite happy. At least that is what we thought.

We had a dream that someday we would move to a country where the sun always shines. And where we wouldn’t have to go to a job that, deep down, we did not really like.

We got out of bed, we went to work, got back home and repeated this process 5 days a week. Don’t get us wrong, we had a great life back in Amsterdam.

But we wanted so much more out of life. One day we were sitting in the park daydreaming about what we truly wanted out of life.

The scary idea of actually leaving to go to another country became the subject of our conversation. After all, our dream was to move to a place that was warm.

90 day year virgil Marisa

After countless conversations, we came up with two options. Bali in Indonesia or Ibiza in Spain.The first time Marisa set foot on the island was about 25 years ago when attending a wedding there.

Virgil travelled to Ibiza for his work. We both fell in love with the island as soon as we arrived there for the first time. So the choice was clear.

Finally, we decided that we did not want to be hours away from family and friends back home. So it looked like the Ibiza dream was going to become a reality.

After a brief moment of intense joy, the next big obstacle presented itself.


Doubts and Fear


Do you know the feeling when this tiny little voice pops up in your head and starts asking questions? What if you don´t make it? Why would you give up your security for a dream? How are you going to survive? How are you going to earn a living?

Our goal was to live in a warm country and not have to go do a job every day that we did not like. So we needed to set up our own business. But what kind of business must it be?

So the brainstorming and the planning to change our lifestyle began…

We spent 24/7 on our project and our plan of moving to Ibiza and setting up a business. It was that moment in time that we started to sacrifice something very valuable…

Our relationship …. at that time we were so occupied with moving and our business that we did not pay any attention to each other We needed a solution fast. We only had 25.000 euro in savings and that would help us to survive one year.

It could not be the case that after one year we would need to pack our bags and head back home defeated. And that all our close friends would say, ¨We told you so. Dreams are meant to be dreams.¨

So the brainstorm sessions started. We were asking ourselves what are we passionate about?

90 day year virgil and marisa

We knew that we were truly passionate about helping people. Over the years we had inspired a lot of people to take action and change their lives through a hobby blog called ‘Ibiza Inside’.

It took us three years of preparation before we made the actual move. Besides our platform ‘Ibiza Inside’, we started our other company, ‘The Workout Club Ibiza’.

The good part of this was that we had income 12 months a year, something most island residents wish for since earning money in Ibiza is hard in wintertime.

We worked hard and it paid off. We did well and we grew fast. But we were still struggling to make ends meet. we did every task in the business ourselves.

We had no systems, no structure and we both worked ourselves to the point of a near burnout. When others were partying we were working. When others had socials we were locked up together ‘till late into the night to make things work.


A dark chapter began

As a couple working together 24/7 wasn’t always sunshine. Living on the island and working together came with a high price

Our relationship was all about work, work and more work. We were starting to lose each other in the process of creating huge success.
We had no concept of time, let alone managing it.

We loved each other but the spark had faded away. You could say that we burned it all up.

And for what? Success? A great lifestyle? You can imagine the pain and sadness and emptiness we both felt.

It was the end of our love relationship.

90 day year

The whole world we had built together was crumbling to pieces right in front of our eyes. It was a black chapter in the fairytale we had started writing together many years ago.

Many months passed. We just did what needed to be done in The Workout Club Ibiza.

Until this day we are forever grateful for the fantastic team of talented people we have. They went above and beyond to support us in our darkest hours. They kept TWC-Ibiza alive while we were drowning in sorrow and heartache.

It took weeks before we started talking normally together and you know what, love comes in many forms.

We learned how to have respect for each other, how to keep on being partners in business and how to set aside our own feelings for a mutual goal with the best intentions for both of us.

The love between us had changed. It became something more than love itself. We knew that we were not meant to be a couple anymore.

But we are a kick-ass team and we love each other on a whole new level.

The 90 Day Year Program

So we decided that this whole journey could be all for nothing. Our story could not end right here. We are both entrepreneurs by heart and we know each other through and through. And we have a fairytale to finish.

We knew we needed help and across the Internet, a blog post took my attention.. it was written by a Todd Herman a guy I had never heard of before.

The blog post was titled The 5 stages of business. Back then we had many courses and the best books about marketing sales and mindset under our belt.

You could say that I already had an above average knowledge about marketing and sales. After all, we already had a business that did quite well.

But there were a few concepts in Todd’s post that I had never heard about before that made so much sense that I saved the post to go back to from time to time.

A full year went by, the struggle was real. By this time I burnt out completely. I did not love what I was doing anymore.

90 day year

It was a warm spring evening when one of my friends sent me a personal message. She said that her mentor Todd Herman is opening up the 90 Day year program. Immediately that name rang a bell in my head…

Wasn’t that the guy from that cool blog post that I was reading so much.?

I knew my friend was taking the digital world by storm. So when she explained that Todd’s 90 Day Year program was responsible for all her success she had my attention.

She invited me to a free workshop series hosted by Todd. When video 1 came out I rushed to have a look what else I could learn from him.


The 90 day year Video Series


The first video alone has opened my eyes to goal setting, mindset and performance. That video had more value than all the paid courses combined I had been doing the last couple of years.

Every following video of the free workshop became better and better. I was blown away by Todd’s 90 day year strategies. Have a. look for yourself and watch the workshop right here

At the end of the workshop series, there was an opportunity to join Todd’s 90 Day  Year program. Never in my life did I want something so bad than to join this program.

Doubt and fear showed it’s ugly head once again. We could not afford the 90 Day year program. Marisa and I were discussing and debating and we came to the conclusion that we truly could not afford it!

It was a warm spring evening and I accepted my fate but I had to find another way to turn our business around to make it a true success.

Then all of the sudden my phone lit up. It was a message I picked up my phone and started reading the message.

90 day a year

It was my friend again. She said that in a couple of hours The 90 Day year program will close. I truly can not afford it I said to her.

Her answer turned our business and life around. She said  You are on the fence Virgil. Your window of opportunity is opening up right now. You say you can’t’ afford it, that is your fear talking.

Get off that fence and I promise you Todd’s program will make you your money back in the first month. Do you believe that I do well..? That’s all because of The 90 Day a Year program.

That was the push I needed. I grabbed my credit card and with a pounding heart, I hit the ‘buy’ button.

As I told you before I had purchased many courses. and most of the courses are ok, there is always one or two things that are truly new to you.

The 90 Day  Year program takes you through the mindset of an entrepreneur. you learn why most people have the wrong idea about goal setting.    

Do you struggle with focus and mindset The strategies that you are going to learn about how to organise your day and structure your weeks to move ahead with the speed of light are mind-blowing.

Nothing is left to chance and that systems and constant feedback loops are the heart and soul of your business performance and executing tasks is going to give a whole new meaning to you.

Now I hear you thinking, Yeah all great Virgil but I have a small team I work with. This is only for solopreneurs right?

The 90 Day a year program is for small businesses and businesses that have departments run by different teams.

I like to be as open and transparent as possible. when you are an absolute beginner. And you have no idea what business you like to start The 90 Day  year is probably not the course for you should start with.

But when you are crystal clear about your dream business and you are ready to start. or you are a very successful business but you need to scale up. The 90 Day a year is the only course you should take to make a massive impact on your business and live.

My 90 Day  Year results.

When I started the program we had a personal training business that earned just above our break-even point.

We also had a coaching business with a little over 9 clients who paid a monthly fee to learn how to set up a business and get clients.

In the 90 Days  year program this was the result:

  • (I managed to say goodbye to 5 of our coaching clients who were not my ideal clients and got 10 new clients who paid 2 times more). Yes in the first month we earned the investment back. It did not stop there.
  • Our personal training business went from 50 clients to over 180 clients. We expanded our team from 2 to 5 coaches.
  • In the first month of the program, I really knew who I wanted to serve. I was not trying to sell to everybody but to a specific type of entrepreneur.
  • I surveyed my audience and based on the data I created a 6 weeks course for entrepreneurs.
  • I had run a successful beta test of my 6 weeks course and I tweaked the program based on feedback
  • The course is ready to be launched beginning 2018

We share our 90 day a year results with you not to brag. We reached it by hard and focused work and implementing Todd’s strategies to the letter.

The most important thing is that you could do exactly the same once you learn about the right mindset and the true essence of goal setting.

Are you excited right now…? I invite you to take a look at the free workshop series that started my 90 Day a year journey.

Feel free to reach out to me and I am more than happy to inspire you to have a look at the workshop series, and when you have any questions I will answer them with the speed of light.

The power is yours!

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Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.

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