How to stay motivated to pursue your passion

How to stay motivated to pursue your passionYou know what your passion is!  You jump out of bed and you start working on your dream. But after a couple of days slowly your motivation starts to fade away. Do you have the same..? Then this post is for you.

Virgil and Chris did it again

Over the years we have helped countless of people from all over the world changing their body, mind and lifestyle. And now it´s your turn.

A couple of weeks ago i was interviewed by my dear friend Chris Robson. We had loads of fun during the podcast. We talked on the subject of how to stay motivated while you are in pursuit of your passion.

Let´s find your passion

Finding your passion is not the hard part. Your passion is what makes your heart tick and jump out of bed to pursuit it. Actually staying motivated and keep moving forward every day that is the tough part.

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This is what you will learn

In the podcast we talked about the following things:

  • How to pivot instead of quitting when things get tough
  • Why you need to truly understand your WHY before beginning any new task
  • 4 techniques that are guaranteed to help you stay motivated
  • Why investing in yourself is the most important ingredient for success
  • Why you need to take imperfect action and fail a few times before you can succeed
  • How to discover your true passion if you’re not sure what it is
  • Realistic ways of pursuing your passion even if you have a full time ‘secure’ job
  • How to surround yourself with the right type of people if you struggle with shyness
  • Why everybody should have a coach if they want to take their lifestyle to that next level
  • How to celebrate small wins and build upon them moving forward

So i will not take anymore of your time i invite you to head over click the link and listen to the podcast. I promise you it will be worth your 30 min.

Take me to the podcast please

The Power is yours!

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Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.

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