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We are super excited about helping many entrepreneurs starting their business The Ibiza Way.

So you might think what is the Ibiza way?

Ibiza is a spiritual place. it ́s one of the most magnetic places on earth.

Even if you have no spirituality in your system, the moment you set foot on the soil of this beautiful white island you connect with it ́s energy and more importantly with yourself.

Life is energy. Everything around us is energy. our physical body uses energy as fuel.

picture jennifer Arndt

The way we interact with others is energy.

Sometimes energies align and you have a great connection with somebody. Other times there is no connection at all.

Our mental energie can work against us in the form of fear, doubt, overwhelm, Jealousy, envy or greed.

Or we can care, love, give, share, and be kind to others.

The Ibiza way is all about putting yourself in the centre of your universe, how big or small it might be.

Care for yourself and others and grow together instead of competing against each other.

Starting a business is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, facing doubt fear and overwhelm.

It ́s about aligning your heart that represents passion, desire, values, and your mind that need to help you move forward by taking action.

It ́s building relationships and put others wants and needs first. It ́s being in tune with your inner voice.

The best part of the Ibiza way is to have fun and celebrate whenever you can.. For centuries Ibiza was an island of fun.

We love to embrace that essence of living your life first, work hard but party way harder, and be yourself.

Do what you love and don’t ́t give a shit what other think!

Virgil & Marisa