1 thing you must do to overcome doubt about your Ibiza move

Do you doubt yourself a lot? Do you lie in your bed at night thinking, “should I start a business?” “What would my family and friends say?” “Is it the right time?” Doubt is one of the worst things if you let it consume you. It will keep you in the same place without any light at the end of the tunnel.

Our Story

When we were about to move to Ibiza, Marisa was the one who was questioning a lot. After all, of the two of us, she is the planner. I was the one who was really confident during our whole preparation period. Maybe I was too confident, because doubt would consume me at the worst moment.

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The evening before the big move.

The time came when we were about to move to Ibiza. I remember that day very clearly. Marisa and i were discussing what time we would drive off to Barcelona to take the boat.

She was trying to explain how she had planned what to pack and what we would leave behind. But I was not listening. Lightning struck in my mind. Doubt and fear of the unknown crept up on me for the very first time. I started to question the whole idea of moving to Ibiza. Is this the right time? How the hell are we going to survive?

If Marisa had said at that precise moment that we should call of our adventure, I would have jumped at the opportunity to give up our dream and rush back to our comfort zone. Yes, I would have given up our dream because of fear and doubt. Does this sound familiar?


How a coach kept us on track

Doubt was killing our dream of another life in my mind and I did not know what to do about it. So I did what I do best…and I created an argument with Marisa out of frustration. That did not help at all. It made things worst.

Luckily we had a coach at that time who guided us with our move. We discussed the doubt and the fear that was keeping on growing in my mind.

A simple exercise

Our coach shared with us that doubt is something that we need to embrace and not to fear. And we received this simple exercise to turn doubts into fuel for action.

Take a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle. On the left write what you need in your life.

On the right side write down what you need to do to get a better life. For us it became very clear that we needed another life in Ibiza and that we needed to be our own boss. We had to move in order to achieve our goal of a better life in Ibiza.

By doing so the doubt did not disappear completely. But we knew again what we wanted from life and especially what we did NOT want. This simple exercise redirected our mind to the things we wanted instead of to the doubt.

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Doubt will show it’s ugly head from time to time. Embrace it, look it in the eye, and remind yourself what you really want from life.

Do the little exercise as described above and turn your doubts in to fuel to keep on moving forward.

If you need extra help, consider hiring a coach who will guide you in times of need. The investment of a coach will pay itself back ten-fold.

If you have trouble with doubts and fears, feel free to comment below and we will assist you in turning your doubts into fuel to take action.

The power is yours.

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About the Author:

Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.


  1. Melissa January 2, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    Thank you for writing this post. This is my second year and at times my sons do this. Other veteren moms have told me that it's that 2nd and third grade level where things tend to get difficult with them. I usually cox my oldest son into doing his reessnsiblitiop, like piano practice, by using this sports. We are involved in whatever the season is sports (right now, it's soccer). So the compromise is you give me piano, we give you soccer. So far it works…lol;)

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