Meet Marlon and Edwin the´ve set up their business online and live in Ibiza

Marlon and Edwin Ibiza

Are you ready to move to another country but you are stuck in your business? We invite you to read this inspiring interview with two serial entrepreneurs. Meet Marlon and Edwin, they have organised their business in such a way that they can live in Ibiza, and work with their clients in Holland using nothing more then a lap top and wifi. This is their story.

Can you share who you are and what you do…?

Hi, I am Marlon and my husband is Edwin. We come from Holland and have lived and worked since August 2016 on Ibiza. We are lucky that we can do our business from Holland here.

I am a financial adviser and I help people with a mortgage who buy or have a house or property. The nice thing is that with my background I organised also a new business in the same branch here on Ibiza.

The banks like that I am a professional from Holland to help them with Dutch customers.

Edwin has a trade company in the building industry in Holland. We work in the cloud, this is very easy nowadays. Of course, occasionally we have to go to Holland, but in a few hours you are there..

What made you decide to move to Ibiza with your family?

In 2014, we noticed that we only run in our work and obligations. We could not find rest easily. We decided to take a break and live for a few months in Ibiza.

We could not know that it turned out to be a try out; it suited us so well that we came back to the Netherlands with lots of dreams and we quickly made plans again to live longer in Ibiza.

I remember I thought, okay but for one year maximum. But after I’d been here a few weeks, I quickly said I don’t want to leave here, it feels so wonderful to live here.

Marlon and Edwin Ibiza

3 Working remotely is something that is coming up fast. Can you share your experience with us?

For us it’s perfect. Nowadays you can do everything with this. For example I give advice by webcam. The customers like it, they don’t have to leave the house and they still get personal advice.
We call by voip telephone; some customers don’t even know that I am in Spain.

They only thing is that can happen is that you don’t have Internet at home. But since this year with the unlimited data on the telephone, you can solve urgent problems. And life without Internet is nice sometimes

If somebody would like to start working remotely, what kind of advice can you give people?

Prepare everything from the office in Holland. Make sure that you have a back-up support in Holland who can help if something is wrong.

I like to work with a normal computer, but I have a laptop organised in the same position, then If I can not work at home I have my laptop so I can work anywhere where there is wifi.

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What is it like to move with your family to Ibiza and start a completely new life..?

This new adventure gave us a lot of fresh energy.

It was not always easy to get everything in the right position. And of course the children miss home and friends sometimes, but we see they are very happy, they are outside more often, appreciate nature more and that’s what given them much more positive and healthy energy.

And how wonderful is it, that they learn more and meet other people from other countries. And that they speak English very well and learn Spanish.

Marlon and Edwin Ibiza

What does your ultimate relaxing day in Ibiza look like?

On Sunday morning we visit the San Juan Market and drink something at the local bar.

Then we go with friends for a nice hike somewhere along the beautiful coast. Afterwards, we all go to a nice restaurant like San Francisco or Hostal La Torre.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Our hopes and dreams are to be as happy as we are now here on the Island, that we can stay here for a long time and grow in our personality as we learn a lot here…

When we say Ibiza you say..?

Life now!

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