Meet Ibiza based photographers Jennifer Arndt and Youri Claessens


Ibiza is the home of many talented photographers. But sometimes you meet people who are extra ordinary. We love to introduce to you a power couple who set up a very successful photography business in Ibiza. Meet Jennifer and Youri.

The Dream

Many people are dreaming of moving to another location. Start a business and live a happy life. Well most of the time that is easier said then done. There are so many things that you need to think about.

We made the move ourselves so we know how tough moving to Ibiza can be.

But there are people who actually do it. Are these people different…? Let´s find out what makes these very talented and successful people tick..


We remember the day that we´ve met Youri. He stept in one of our training sessions and was quite a hard worker.

Off course we always talk about stuff during training sessions and he happens to drop that he makes pictures for a living.

We train mostly woman in our groups but Youri was such a great character that the girls loved him every time he showed up.

Youri travels back and forth to Holland but over the years he has build quite a reputation as a talented wedding photographer.


But then we´ve met a couple of weeks later his lovely girlfriend Jennifer… Well we can say when Jennifer walks in the room you will notice here.

First of all she is one of the funniest persons we have ever met on the island. Trust me she will make you laugh…

Back then she was working a full time job on the island. During one of our training sessions, she was explaining that she was not quite happy with what she was doing.

So she thought of picking up one of her old passion photography back up.. Good for you we said.

On the island a lot of people are a jack off all trades and honestly we thought here is another one..

Working with photographers

One day we were in complete stress.. We had an article in a magazine but we did not have any high quality recent pictures.

Then it hit us… Remember that crazy lady Jennifer. She was a photographer right.? So we send her a message and asked if she likes to shoot our professional pictures.

Well as you know we are not trained models. And nerves were running up our spine the day before..

Jennifer walked out with her camera and nothing else. No fancy equipment?

But how….? well we had no choice but to go with the flow..

Gaby one of our coaches was first. And the first thing that struck us was the ease  of how Jennifer worked with people.

She makes silly jokes and while she was talking and joking she took the shots. When she showed us the results of Gaby we were amazed.

This lady has a serious talent.. The shots were beyond amazing! Almost magical. When it was our turn.. guess what exactly the same result.. We looked great on the pictures.

Like more info please visit their website:

So what makes these to talented people different?

First of all Youri and Jennifer are themselves. What you see is what you get. In our world that is one of the biggest keys to success.

They are truly passionate about what they do. How can you tell…? Well look at their work and you will experience it yourself..

A true passion for what you do is one of the pillars for success in life.

They under promise and over deliver. That foundation alone will make this power couple, talented photographers and parents mega successful.

So If you can just take one thing away from this article. Be yourself, love what you do and be crazy and stay humble. Together with hard work and determination you will have the world at your feet..

For now let´s enjoy some of their beautiful shots…

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photo Nicole Hankammer

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