Running a highly successful business on Ibiza by Victoria Parkes

When it comes to the island’s favourite in beauty and relaxation, Victoria Parkes from Love Beauty Ibiza comes first every single time, hands down.

Victoria has the amazing ability to take a pampering session to the very next level. I can personally vouch for this and continually urge friends family to go and utterly indulge in some brand-new-you-moments and I do fear they have become addicts now too.

Her range of Love Beauty Ibiza products are in keeping with the island’s tradition and ingredients are both locally grown as well as harvested by full moon, resulting in utter bliss on a daily basis, making sure you can enjoy the benefits of your treatment just that much longer. Did I mention they smell heavenly too?

If you have ever wondered what it is like to run a highly successful business on Ibiza, Victoria now lets you in on her amazing journey so far.

How and when I ended up moving to the island.

The hair and beauty salon I owned had just been looted and smashed up in the riots, the UK was in full recession and I was at a crossroads in my life, in search of a new start and adventure, I felt there was something or somewhere out there that I was supposed to be. I used to come to Ibiza partying a lot (my ex-husband is a DJ) and I always felt my body literally breathe a relaxing sigh when I got off the plane at the airport here, Ibiza always felt like it was home for some reason.

My first year on the island, and how things have changed since then.


I was so burnt out by my life in the UK, I wasn’t sure I still wanted to do beauty or what I wanted to do, so I spent my first year settling in, learning about the island, doing odd jobs here and there…. I was also getting married so spent a lot of time organising that! Things have changed a lot….. I went to the UK for winter, got divorced and came back to Ibiza on my own, luckily (the good old universe had my back) I strangely enough had a Coach living in my house for winter! She changed my life and drew out what I truly wanted to do and what literally the whole of my life’s experience was for, even the wedding was for a reason! So I put all my attention into using the knowledge I had gained in my first year and my life experiences to make a success of Love Beauty Ibiza.

The special energy of Ibiza.


Yes, it truly is magical. Someone told me that if Ibiza wants you here, she will find or show you a way to keep you. I have seen people come and go and strongly believe this to be true. She showed me a way and has taken me on a journey I never would have believed possible if you told me, but it’s one that has shown me the true meaning of happiness. I’ve also had a photograph taken in front Es Vedrà and for some very strange reason it is covered in sparks, a bit like fairy dust…. the pictures before and after didn’t have any… if that isn’t magic, what is?

An example of the way things are done over here.

I needed to change my car plates from English to Spanish….. something that shouldn’t be that complex…. nine months later and a lot of backwards and forwards paperwork (and a lot of euros) they finally got done…. in the UK this would probably take about a week to ten days.

Things I can do on the island which I would not be able to do in the UK.

Go to the beach everyday, even in winter! Being able to eat and have an abundance of healthy foods…. stopping by the side of the road to pick fresh figs or lemons out of the trees. Professionally it’s amazing, the support, help and love you get from the community you would definitely not get in the UK, it’s like living in a big family all helping each other make the most amazing life ever!

How setting up Love Beauty Ibiza came about.

I dreamt it! I had a dream in my sleep when I first got here and that was where the name and logo came from, I woke up and scribbled it down. Haha! It makes me laugh even now it was such a funny dream….. the grey bit across the pink heart on the logo in the dream was a nail file!

Who are my clients?


The gorgeous residents of the island all year round. Yoga, fitness and well-being retreat guests, wedding and hen parties, holidaymakers and everyone in between. It changes every month depending on the time of year and what’s happening on the Island.

Establishing myself here.

Because I had spent the first year faffing around learning how different things are, I found it good. Life is never ‘easy’, you have to work at it every single day and it goes up down and round and round, like a spin cycle of a washing machine, having the help and guidance of a coach and a good strong network of lovely people makes it easier though. The island literally took me, swept me up and carried me on an incredible journey, I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe it’s real!

What people definitely need to know about setting up shop on Ibiza.


You have to know what you are doing, know your own industry inside out and how it is here…. it’s very, very different to anywhere else. That and networking, without a network of people it would be very hard. And also … get off your butt, get out there and make it happen, the best things in life are worth working really, really hard for.

My most heartwarming work story.

I have so many, all my clients are such lovely people, every single day something wonderful and heartwarming happens… by doing beauty I am giving people the gift of feeling amazing, to see their faces at the end of the treatment warms my heart and makes what I do such a wonderful thing for me and for them. That is the truth, I am truly blessed that I have the life and job that I do and it’s the magic of Ibiza that has shared that gift with me.

When you say Ibiza, I say:

My beautiful, incredible home xx

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Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.

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