[Podcast] by Chris Robson Feat. Virgil from Ibiza Inside

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We are jumping around of excitement. We actually did our very first podcast with serial entrepreneur and lifestyle coach Chris Robson. Hear Virgil speak about: passion, moving to Ibiza, running two businesses together with Marisa and living a true Ibiza lifestyle.

Who is Chris Robson

The internet takes away all boundaries and gives you the possibilities to explore the world and meet people. Lifestyle coach Chris Robson is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for helping people finding their true passion and changing their lifestyle.

Chris found us via a hashtag search #Ibizaentrepreneur and he sent us an email with the question if we would like to be interviewed on his successful podcast. We gladly accepted and the rest is history.


The Podcast

This podcast is jam packed with loads of helpful tips that will help you moving forward with your ideas about moving to Ibiza. These are some of the things that you will learn:

  • Why true passion will make you successful
  • The most important thing you’ll need to make a successful move to Ibiza
  • Why building relationships are key to your success
  • How you can be productive each and every day
  • And much much more…


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Let’s get started

This is what you do next. Grab a good glass of wine, sit back and relax and let Chris guide you through the podcast. When you have any questions feel free to sent Chris Robson or us a message.

Click right here to listen to the podcast

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About the Author:

Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.

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