Interview with Rut Huyzentruyt an Ibiza based photographer

Pictures by Rüt Huyzentruyt

Do you like to live on Ibiza?  We love to share stories of people who live on Ibiza. This time we asked Rüt Huyzentruyt a talented photographer from Belgium to sit down with us and answer al our questions. We hope that Rüt’s story will inspire you to take action and to follow your dreams.

What was your first experience with Ibiza?

My first trip to Ibiza was in the year 1995! I worked as a freelance photographer in Belgium for a few party/lifestyle magazines! It was LOVE at first sight: the mystic energy, the cosmopolitan people, the rural nature, the great vibe … From that year on, I returned each year to work, spend holidays with my family…and to have my kids grow up in rural Ibiza!

Ibiza Inside: Why did you leave Belgium with your family and move to Ibiza?

Rüt: It happened when I was 9000 kilometres from my home (I’m from Belgium), in the middle of the Moroccan dessert. I was travelling there with my husband and three kids and with millions of stars in the sky we started dreaming… We knew there was more to LIFE!!! We were ready for a NEW ADVENTURE…IBIZA…our new home!

Ibiza Inside: Did you face any problems when you arrived on Ibiza? For example, did your kids need to adjust to the Spanish culture?

Rüt: To have a dream is a word…to make it come true is HARD WORK! I had prepared myself, my husband, my kids, my family, my friends and our clients for about 1 year! (I also wrote about it for the last four years on my blog). My husband and I took a TIME OUT for one year and WERE THERE for the kids, for school, for their sports, for their problems, just to be a FULLTIME PARENT… After the time out, when we saw the kids were all okay, we started the business “DDdesign Ibiza”; our fourth child on Ibiza! My husband and I are both CREATIVE and hard workers, so we decided to work “together”… Things I was confronted with…myself, my family, my husband TO BE patient! We took it step by step: three steps forward, two backward…welcome to Ibiza!

Pictures by Rüt Huyzentruyt Ibiza

Ibiza Inside: Do you have some tips for families who are thinking about living on Ibiza?

Rüt: Ibiza is NOT a paradise; it’s a place like everywhere else on the globe… BUT it’s the people who live here who come from all over the world (coming and going) that make it a SPECIAL PLACE because of their energy, talents, vibes, power, dreams and cosmopolitan spirit… I think life on IBIZA is more INTENSE: there are many good things but there’s also the survival in living here! The first weeks after we arrived in 2009, we had a storm for 3 weeks, I never saw such bad weather in my life, and I didn’t like it at all. We were all together with five people in one bed and I thought it was “the end”…I thought of moving back, but we stayed!

In 2010 and 2011 there were FIRES in the North of Ibiza, I didn’t like it at all, it was so scary! My little girl of 6 was in “shock”…we had one fire nearing our home in 20 metres, but we fought against nature successfully for the first 25 minutes until the bomberros came!!! I this had not happened, we would have lost everything in a few minutes, our “dream” completely ravished!!! We survived, we stayed… Here “WE LIVE” in good and bad days… the bad we try to forget… the good we try to ENJOY!!!

 Ibiza Inside:Who is thee woman Rüt Huyzentruyt?

Rüt: Hmmm firstly I’m a “passionate woman”, not easy to live with! All I do, I do with LOVE, so sometimes my heart gets hurt but I’m also a fighter! Secondly, I’m also “a thinker”: every step I want to make in life I rethink once, then twice, then I think once more …I had to create the slogan “less thinking more living…” for myself on Ibiza!!!

Pictures by Rüt Huyzentruyt Ibiza

Ibiza Inside: You are a great photographer. Can you tell us more about your work?

Rüt: “Photography” is my job, my work, my passion, the way to express myself in this crazy world! After 15 years of daily work in my Belgian out/inside studio …I wanted MORE! Photography for me was more than just a commercial job, more than a job full stop…Therefore I CLOSED the doors of my Belgian studio and was ready to make IBIZA my new studio…Did you know we have THE BEST LIGHT here on our little island? Photographers all over the world come to shoot this magical light! Last year I had my first EXPO “MYSTIC HIDE-AWAY” in El Hotel Pacha and I’m preparing my second for spring/summer 2013. It’s a trilogy about passion, pain, platonic love, seduction and adoration…”EXPO MEN”. Next to my ART work, I started shooting more and more for weddings, and I also did artistic nude, portraits, party photography, fashion and interior,…because this is me, a creative chameleon!

Rut Huyzentruyt creates stunning pictures in Ibiza

Pictures by Rüt Huyzentruyt Ibiza

Ibiza Inside: So you are a mother, a wife, a great photographer, a designer (DDdesignibiza /Maria retro Poppina) and now you are going to be a party organizer too..? Tell us more?!

As mentioned before, I’m a creative chameleon! When I came to Ibiza I wanted to escape from my studio and “explore”, meet international people, be creative…I made a list with “things I wanted to do on Ibiza”. how “to organize a party” for friends for example. The PARTY is a creative concept by B(l)ACK by R&D. It is a black private dressed (limited) party for friends! With a 12 hour DJ set, international friends, young motivated people, who still believe in their dreams/talents. The PARTY is a little crazy, because we want to explore “new” things such as “blindfolding” on the dance floor as well as and special locations! But ssssssssssssttttttttttttt, YOU have to come and FEEL the EXPERIENCE!!!” Are YOU ready to ENTER my crazy world???”

Ibiza Inside: When we say Ibiza you say?

I LOVE you

Thank you Rüt for your open and honest interview. When you like to read more about Rüt feel free to visit her websites: and What is keeping you from moving to Ibiza?

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  1. Aukje Eivissa Middelham October 8, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    What a beautiful blog you wrote, i recognize myself in you and all i think about is working, the thing a love so much with people (on Ibiza), from all over the world. I’m coming by people at there home and also want to do this work on Ibiza, make them beautiful!
    But i also love the party industry and did a lot of work in clubs and i’m also door/club- security/protector (there is not a good translation for it that i know 🙂 and i’m also sport instuctor for X-co lessons.
    So i think there is something to do for me 🙂
    Need to look for a good place to stay, because maybe i want to take my 3 cats with me!!
    I really wanted to come to your party, but have to save for my Ibiza plans, but maybe next year i can come when i’m there.
    Last season i was 4 times on Ibiza and i still like it, i feel the same as you did and did take it home with me!!
    Greets Aukje

  2. Ibiza Inside October 8, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    Thank you for your comment Aukje.. Just keep it up and you will find your way to Ibiza… Best of luck and we are here to help you with your quest to Ibiza… x

    Marisa & Virgil

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