Interview with Ibiza Superstar DJ Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten is rocking the House temples of Ibiza. And it is time to ask Ferry what makes him tick. Are you ready for Mr. Ferry Corsten?

Ibiza Inside: We are grateful that you have the time to talk with us. Let’s start by asking; who is Ferry Corsten as an artist and what makes him tick?

Ferry Corsten: Ferry Corsten is an energetic and fun producer / DJ with his own sound who just loves electronic house music.

Ibiza Inside:You have been a famous DJ for countless years now. Can you explain what has been the highlight of your career so far?

Ferry Corsten: There are too many! I think the success of my single ‘Out Of The Blue’ really has been an important part of my career. Not sure where I would have been without it.

Ibiza Inside: We are dying to know where you get your inspiration from!

Ferry Corsten: I get my inspiration from so many things. It can be from listening to the radio in my car or whenever I am with my family. I even named a track after my daughter, ‘Gabriella’s Sky’, because she inspires me a lot!

Ferry Corsten: ” To me, social media is the ultimate way to communicate with my fans.”

Ferry Corsten

Ibiza Inside: You play a lot on Ibiza. Can you explain what Ibiza means to you and your music?

Ferry Corsten: Ibiza means a lot to me and I guess for many producers and DJs. The crowd on Ibiza is always much fun and very energetic and it is always a great time to try out new music to see what the reaction of the crowd is.

Ibiza Inside: People are dying to know how you create your hits. Can you let us in on one of your many production secrets?

Ferry Corsten: I always try to give a Ferry Corsten sound to the music I produce. As for production secrets, I’d have to kill you if I told you. 😉

Ibiza Inside: You are way ahead of your time. You are one of a few DJs who have their own App. Can you explain the importance of the use of social media and modern technology as a DJ nowadays?

Ferry Corsten: The fans all use different kinds of technology and I try to keep up with it as much as possible so I can communicate with as many fans as possible. To me, social media is the ultimate way to communicate with my fans.

Ibiza Inside: When you are on Ibiza what is your favourite place to visit in terms of dinner or relaxation?

Ferry Corsten: I really try to have some dinner at Las Dos Lunas when I have the time for both that and some relaxing.

Ferry Corsten

Ibiza Inside: What are your goals for the future?

Ferry Corsten: My goal is to continue making people happy with my music.

Ibiza Inside: When we say Ibiza you say?

Ferry Corsten: Great music and a lot of fun! and thanks for the interview!

If you like to read some more about Ferry Corsten feel free to visit his website  And now it is your turn . Who is your favourite DJ on Ibiza?

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