Interview with Ibiza Based Photographer Jose Antonio Hervas Mora

pictures by Jose Antonio Hervas Mora Ibiza
He is a great photographer, based in Ibiza, a true artist in making time-lapses, and much dedicated to his work. He speaks about it with a lot of love and passion. He was born and has lived in Ibiza ever since, together with his family. Nowadays, there are not too many people doing their job with such dedication and pure passion, but when talking to him I saw all those things come together. We are presenting to you Jose Antonio Hervas Mora.

 Irina: Jose Antonio, thank you for the time for this interview. Most people know you as a great photographer/video maker, but can you tell us more about Jose as a person?

Jose: Well, I am a person who is in love with nature and tranquillity, I like to practice sports and have a healthy life; I’m greatly inspired by music because it gives me a possibility to visualize the scenes that I portray. I’m stubborn when I want to get something, when I go after an idea or a project.

Irina: What is the most important, crucial thing for you, school, talent or passion?

Jose: To me the most important thing is passion, without passion everything else has no real value, it is like loving someone… if there is no passion, it makes you feel empty.

Stunning Ibiza shot by Jose

pictures by Jose Antonio Hervas Mora Ibiza

Irina: Creating time-lapses, videos, or being a photographer – what do you enjoy the most?

Jose: What I enjoy the most is being a photographer, but I must admit that creating time-lapse (which is also photography) has given me the possibility to see the other side of the picture, enabling me to see the movement of the stars, the Milky Way, the passing of time in just a few seconds.

Irina: Which moment of your career would you single out as unforgettable?

Jose: The moment when I finished my time-lapse Ibiza Lights II and realized that people liked it, gave me much energy to continue shooting… Seeing that many people have understood the message I tried to spread by this video.

Irina: What is your most beautiful spot in Ibiza…?

Jose: Luckily for me the most beautiful place is near my home, not plenty of people know about it, as it is very inaccessible, but it is a secret! It is somewhere in the area of Es Cubells.

Irina: What, in your opinion, has changed a lot in the last few years…?

Jose: The type of tourism that we have, only dedicated to alcohol and partying, as it brings a wrong image of Ibiza.

Irina: How much are you bothered by the fact that today anyone thinks he can be a photographer if he buys a good camera?

Jose: I’m not bothered by the people who buy a good camera and think they are already professionals, what bothers me is that the photo quality had decayed much because most people use the camera in automatic mode and do not want to learn the basics of photography.

Irina: Do you have some tips for young photographers?

Jose: The only suggestion I can give to a young photographer is to have patience so you can correct mistakes and learn from them.

pictures by Jose Antonio Hervas Mora Ibiza

Irina: When we say Ibiza you say?

Jose: Freedom, I love being able to photograph the beaches and coves of the island, you can enjoy the sunsets, enjoy the sun and the stars at night.

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Irina is a real estate manager for more than 10 years. She is passionately in love with music and writing. She loves all the things where she can express her creativity, she lives in Ibiza and writes about lifestyle, events and music.


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  2. gui January 11, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    I know this guy, he is my uncle, and he has done a great job being a photographer…..keep this way man, and Don’t forget your nephew Brazil, Bye.

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