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Toby is the founder of Walking Ibiza. At Walking Ibiza he offers guided walks on the magical island of Ibiza. Being born on the island and being the only person we know to have walked the entire coastline he can offer you amazing walking on Ibiza. Would you like to see the other side of Ibiza and get out into the magical countryside, sit back and enjoy this interview.

1. We are happy to have Toby of walking Ibiza with us to have a chat. Toby, it’s great to have you. You were a priority on our interview list. Could you start by introducing yourself?

I was born on Ibiza to hippy parents which means I had the best childhood in the world and I really appreciate that. At the age of 10 I was taken to England kicking and screaming after my parents split up and I was put into a so called ‘normal school’ which was hard to adjust to after the hippy Morna Valley school  Life went on and before I knew it I was in the treadmill of life, had the job, car, house with all the trimmings, and driving 400 miles a day on the wonderful English motorways was not unusual. Then I met my amazing wife Belinda, became a stepdad to two lovely daughters and luckily for me she shared the same dream to live away from England, so I took her to Ibiza within the first few months and thank God she fell in love with the Island….that was the start of our journey to come home…


2 Your walks  are getting more and more popular every year. Could you share with us how you got started with the walks.

We had just got a dog (Cosmo) which was getting me out more and I was finding the Ibiza I knew as a kid, then over a beer with a friend he mentioned that he had always wanted to walk around the coastline of Ibiza. As soon as he said this I got this rushing feeling and knew I was going to do it; 2 weeks later we set off: he into one direction and me into the other. 220km and 11 days later I completed it and all this on €1. That was the start of Walking Ibiza!


3 Ibiza has a very rich history. You seem to know a lot about the history of Ibiza. Could you share one interesting story of the past with us that we have not heard before?

The islanders of Ibiza became experts in using the sling shot to protect themselves especially when up on the pirate towers that we are familiar with dotted around the island’s coast. Before the sling shot they would have just thrown stones at the pirates below but they discovered that when they used a piece of leather and string, they could shoot small stones at high speeds with incredible accuracy and defeat the enemy. The Balearic Islands are named after this as the people became known as being barbaric with the sling shots and over time the name has become ‘Balearic’.

There are many herbs on Ibiza. Toby and his team can teach you all about them


4 On your walks you also talk a lot about the herbs. Could we say that you could teach us how to survive? That would be so cool 🙂

Ha ha, not sure about that, but I did survive 11 days on €1! Ibiza is an amazing island for providing for yourself though; in every season there is something to eat from the land, it really does suffice if you know what to look for.


5 A lot of people would love to move to Ibiza. What is it like to live there all year long?

Very yin and yang! In summer there are 3 million visitors and then in the quietest winter months there are only 150,000 people. I love the change and embrace all Ibiza has to offer, by doing this it’s become the most magical place in the world.

6 Can you share with us one of your favourite restaurants in the north of the island?

Has to be Can Curune for the local vibe and The Giri for modern vibe and so many more….

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7 When people like to hike do you have some tips that people must know before they head out?

There are no marked paths to follow so you are on your own! But then that is exactly the way to find places that others might not find.

8 Is there a place on the island which you have not explored yet…?

Yes for sure, every day the island surprises me with some amazing view or old building…that is the magic of Ibiza!

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9 How does your day off like?.

I go for a walk with the Cosmo of course!

10. When we say Ibiza you say?


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