Interview Tahnee Lee Lindemann, founder of In Your Dreams Ibiza

foto-7Ibiza is home to many colourful creatives, meet Tahnee Lee Lindemann, founder of In Your Dreams Ibiza

 Thank you Tahnee for taking the time to sit with us. Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

Thank you guys for taking the time to talk with me. I’m Tahnee, I arrived in Ibiza in March…. in short, I draw on people, make eyelashes with pom poms and have pockets full of glitter, gold leaf, gems and jewels!

 You started ‘In Your Dreams’ in Ibiza, can you tell us your experiences about your business in Ibiza?

In Your Dreams actually started in London by 2 illustrators who are my good friends. In Your Dreams became very popular at music festivals in England like Secret Garden Party and Wilderness and is now a firmly established and growing brand in the UK. The ethos behind In Your Dreams is to do something with soul, creativity or love, to put something of yourself into your work. So obviously Ibiza had to be the next destination…. an island full soul , creativity and love.

This summer has been In Your Dreams Ibiza’s first summer, a bit of a soft launch and I’m so happy with the reaction! Getting to be involved with different events from things like Wax Da Jam at Las Dalias to Lovebrunch at Destino were amazing experiences, getting to meet amazing people and exploring the island travelling from event to event! The weddings we have done have been particularly fun and a real success…. they have such a good energy about them, and are a beauty to be involved in from doing the bride and bridesmaids up or just all the guests later on they have been my favourite part!

We feel that you are living your dream, can you elaborate on that?

Living in Ibiza has always been a dream of mine.. I’ve been coming out here since I was 17 on holiday, each year staying a little longer and then 3 years ago I brought my boyfriend (now husband) and he fell in love with the island too. We decided to that it was an adventure we wanted to go on and so made the move….. and so far yes its been very dreamy! This summer has been manic with setting up the business and the wedding and I’m now really looking forward to my first Ibiza Winter!

There are many make-up artists in Ibiza, do you consider yourself a make-up artist and what makes you different from the others?

There are so many great make-up artists in Ibiza, it’s such a creative space. I would say I’m a face artist using more than just make-up and paint to embellish the face and body. I will use all sorts of materials like sequins, gold leaf, gems, bindis, glitter, etc. Its not just about painting the face, it’s about accessorizing the face…I like to encourage people to lose their inhibitions and let me get creative… In Ibiza this is easier to do! We have our ‘In Your Dreams looks’ but each face is unique and can inspire something new and magical!


A lot of girls like to have eyelashes to die for when going out, what tip can you give our ladies for luxurious lashes on a night out?

I love wearing eyelashes out, they make me feel so feminine and powerful and always get you noticed but you need to make sure they are applied properly and don’t end up hanging half way down your face at 6am when you’re still dancing your socks off! So if the lashes you bought are too long, make sure you trim them by cutting them at an angle to fit your eye length, also make sure you have a good eyelash glue it’s essential, I use Eylure Striplash glue, it’s totally underrated, my favourite and not too expensive! Our In Your Dreams handmade lashes add a playful hint and a wow factor! Using feathers, studs, gems, lace and even pom poms. My tip would be get creative and don’t follow the rules, be unique, be magical , be who you want to be….

Moving to Ibiza takes a lot of courage, can you give any tips for people who like to move to Ibiza and start their own business?

I think when planning a move you can over plan and over think things, what I learnt from very early on with Ibiza is you just have to get here, make the decision and do it. Once you are here permanently things just start to move in the right direction but you have to be flexible to move with them, opportunities can come around very quickly but you have to be open to just jumping in head first! You hesitate for one moment and the opportunity may be gone. So, taking a leap of faith and jumping in (although doing this with glitter all over your face does seem to have its benefits)!

You are about to conquer the island with your looks. What is the best occasion to use your services..?

Well, I hope so! We do go down really well at weddings and private parties. Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, New Year’s – any event where you want to add a sense of fun and dress up in a dreamy, ethereal way.

When we say Ibiza you say ..?



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