An Interview with Ocean Beach director Duane Lineker

Duane Lineker

Duane Lineker is the Director of the fast growing Ocean beach in San Antonio Ibiza. We ask him some questions. Let’s listen what he has to say.

Duane thank you for your time to answer our questions. Can you tell us who you are and what you do…?

I am one of the partners and Director of Ocean Beach, I am also involved in Linekers Ibiza and a shop in San Antonio called Kiss My Fairy.

The Ocean Beach brand is growing rapidly can you tell us a bit about that?

Well the brand is as you say growing so fast and we are very lucky to have had some great press and great people helping us build the brand, we have also taken on a partnership with the THB hotel group to use the brand in their neighboring hotel which they have refurbished and looks amazing so hopefully over the coming years our brand will be able to grow into a world wide brand and a a must visit place in many tourist resorts around the World.

VIP in Ibiza evolves in something special in Ibiza nowadays..?

Can you explain a little about the VIP possibilities in Ocean Beach? The bed types and prices ranges at Ocean Beach are very wide ranging, starting from a 10€ sun lounger going up to our owners bed area which can sell for up to 3000€ minimum spend, so there is something for everyone we hope at Ocean Beach, we don´t like to exclude anyone from being able to experience our concept and we hope we have found a good balance with that.

Ocean 3


Ocean Beach has some great parties lined up.. What makes a party at Ocean Beach different from the rest?

I think the daytime element of drinking cocktails around a beautiful pool in the sun with the  Mediterranean sea views and the stunning San Antonio sunsets as well as listening to some great music with good, happy people all around you makes for a good start to any party.

San Antonio is growing rapidly. Why should people come to San Antonio? I think San Antonio area has some of the best beaches as well as the beautiful sunsets, the area is developing and new exciting businesses are taking root all the time so thats exciting for the area and should keep people coming back.

Many young DJ’s would love to play at Ocean Beach. What tips do you have for all the young DJ’s out there?

There seem to be so many djs now days, everyone is a dj or can be with new technology so they have to find something that makes them stand out makes them individual and a big personality is a good start and lots of energy behind the decks as well as a good range and knowledge of all genres of music.

Ocean 2

What are your dreams for the future…?

I love the Island and cant wait to see what we all develop here and what we can achieve, its such an in¡conic island and I think we need to try to preserve and grow this reputation for all types of tourists.

When we say Ibiza you say..?

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