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Flying Pig
Are pigs flying in Ibiza? We meet great people on Ibiza; one of them is the founder of Flying Pig Ibiza, just one of the things he does. But most of all he makes us laugh… Let’s dive into the crazy mind of The Hogman.

Well we know you as the Hogman but can you reveal who you are, where you live and what your credit card number is?

Well that’s an easy one! Can’t hide it: I’m the personal Antichrist of all Fitness Trainers  The natural born Griller and enemy of all calorie counters. I`m smelling very attractive to all Ibizan dogs & cats  Hogman is the best friend for people who don’t want to live like ascetics but love food in all shapes & forms. Flying Pig Ibiza Catering stands for all the really delicious stuff in life there is to enjoy  if you keep the balance of course. You will never start a diet with us. But if you dial my number you dial heaven  praise the lard! Ha.

Is it hard to live on the island and be the only normal person on Ibiza?

If “normal” means average  then yes it is for sure if you are an “Average Joe” you better stay home and do what you always do from cradle to your grave! Ibiza is a unique and wonderful place for individualists; people, who realise that freedom is more than just a slogan on the backside of a credit card. I love living here and do the funny stuff, remembering my granddad’s words: “son! One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching”


You are very creative. Where do you get your ideas?

Basically from talking to kids. They always come up with funky ideas and they are honest to the bone. When cooking for kids you’d better be good  otherwise take cover! All the Flying Pig concepts are inspired by kids (except the Ibiza Beerbulance Keg delivery … that was just me on a hot hot Ibiza summer day 2013 ha!)

You are a man of many businesses. How do you find the time to relax and enjoy Ibiza?

It all started years ago with a Hog Roast company to cover a good friend’s 50th Birthday on Ibiza now it’s a catering family with some happy members. They are FLYING FISH IBIZA  mobile fish & seafood grill, Ibiza BEERBULANCE  the beer keg delivery.
IBIZA LOVE TRUCK  the island’s unique event catering mobile, THE IBIZA LOVE BOAT authentic fisher boat rental with local foods & wines. And the newest addition IBIZA FLYING CINEMA in collaboration with Lime in the Coconut we deliver a Woodstock Concert, Casablanca Movie. Or THE FOOTBALL WORLD CUP 2014 fiesta to your place. The unique LOVE TRUCK is now centre of our catering company people seem to love it ! All you need to do is open the big hatch and the party begins. Surprise, Surprise  remember? The Kids love this stuff so as we do … The idea behind Flying Pig Ibiza is : everything is mobile  no food taxi  front cooking wherever & whenever. Pure excitement happy people affordable prices. A good friend told me  your work life looks like my actual holidays  If you love what you do, you live a good life. Be aware of it !

Is it hard to start a business in Ibiza?

No why? Here you have a unique chance to redefine yourself again- you can be whoever you wanna be (except brain surgeon or jet pilot…) Don’t expect to become a millionaire but put your heart and soul into what you do. Some folks are sailors, DJs, musicians, fire jugglers and others love to torture innocent people with kettlebells on the beach, ha. Simply love what you do and make others happy! That’s the Ibiza spirit I think.


If you could give 3 tips to young and passionate entrepreneurs what would those be?

Listen to the people carefully and find out where your place is in this funky Ibiza micro cosmos. Don’t import other people’s business plan to the island  create your own local one! Its easy if you are honest and true it’s nothing different than living in one big village. You better behave otherwise they call you the village I**ot. There is a saying on the island I learned: If Ibiza loves you it makes you come back. And believe it or not  that’s true.

We are in love with your lamb from the oven. What else can you grill?

Basically everything that has legs (except tables and stools) but there is much more than just a Grill. Flying Pig Ibiza has an online catering store with all products, services and online quotes. You can visit and discover a whole new world of funky and exciting catering concepts for every occasion. Perfect for non-average Ibiza people locals and part time Ibicencos alike. If you want to get married or you have a birthday or funeral yup its all the same price. Transparent easy and honest. Booking with us is as easy as CLICK CLICK PARTY! The IBIZA LOVE TRUCK rolls a whole Island party to your place more than 40 packages for every budget available. 100% Ibiza 100% authentic 100% you!

“THE HUNGRY YAK” delivers fresh made Asian street food directly from a Bangkok food Cart  to your Villa party that everyone is talking about. Looking for some funky dessert after dinner? The 1967 Italian Ice Cream Vespa delivers local and organic ice cream to your doorstep. Beautiful products & flavours! Everyone will love it  we guarantee! Our ice cream sounds “Meep Meep”! Remember the kids? Its never been easier to design a great Ibiza fiesta on the island  now everyone can do it!

Flying Pig


When we say Ibiza you say?


That’s all – over and oink!

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