The Ibiza Way – Method A guide on how to take action in your business

Do you sometimes hear that tiny voice in your head that whispers that you can not do it, and it´s stopping you from taking action. The only way you ever going to move forward in your business is by taking action.

That means you have to look that fear in the eye. But where do you start? We love to present to you the Ibiza Way method your guide on how to take action

We know how you feel…! We tried it all for many years.

You probably heard that before right.?

It´s easier said than done. How do you take action, where do you start and what do you do….?

Over the years have developed a method to take action. A step by step framework that enables you to identify what needs to be done now.

The Ibiza Way – Method

For the first time we love to share The Ibiza Way – Method with you..


Identify the idea that you feel that your service is not good enough Acknowledge it and look it in the eye. You can not run

Act upon it by first change the words and say that your service i actually great.. It does not stop there..

Connect with the positive wording and create anaction.

For example: You just bring it to market to validate it with a small group. Get feedback refine it and validate your service again.

Create an situation for yourself so that you can take action.. Talk to people about your service. Ask if they like to be in a beta test group.

Validate your service. You are only going to learn when you are outside your comfort zone and make mistakes so you can adjust.

Reflect on the all feedback of your test group, see it as an experience and adjust improve and do it again until your market is satisfied.

Simplify your process take out what is not truly adding value and keep what resonates and works in your market.

Share you product or service with the world.. Because you can be sure that what you offer is loved by your market.

Now it´s your turn

Myself and Marisa have developed this method and we use it in every aspect of our business.

In the above example we used it for mindset. You can use the method for hiring a VA or developing a new service.

The possibilities with The Ibiza Way – Method are endless because the fuel of the method is about identifying the direction and taking action

Now it´s your turn to take action and we love to hear about your experiences…

The Power is Yours!

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Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.

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