Our move to Ibiza from a fairy tale to a nightmare to a new life

Most people only dream about a better lifestyle. They dream about about changing their body, moving to a new country or setting up a business.

Most people know what to do, but get stuck in doubt, fear and uncertainty. They over-analyse and wonder, years later, why they have still not moved forward.

This is NOT the Ibiza Inside way.

Virgil and Marisa

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Virgil and Marisa. Two ordinary people from Holland, just like you. We were living our busy lives in Amsterdam. We were quite happy. At least that is what we thought.

We had a dream that someday we would move to a country where the sun always shines. And where we wouldn’t have to go to a job that, deep down, we did not really like.

After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad, the rat race was a very well-known concept to us. In fact the rat race was our day-to-day reality.

Ibiza Inside

We got out of bed, we went to work, got back home and repeated this process 5 days a week. Don’t get us wrong, we had a great life back in Amsterdam.

But we wanted so much more out of life.

Our Dream

One day we were sitting in the park daydreaming about what we truly wanted out of life.

The scary idea of actually leaving to go to another country became the subject of our conversation. After all our dream was to move to a place that was warm.

After countless conversations we came up with two options. Bali in Indonesia or Ibiza in Spain.The first time Marisa set foot on the island was about 25 years ago when attending a wedding there.

Virgil travelled to Ibiza for his work as a cameraman and photographer. We both fell in love with the island as soon as we arrived there for the first time.

Ibiza Inside

So the choice was clear.

Finally we decided that we did not want to be hours away from family and friends back home. So it looked like the Ibiza dream was going to become a reality.

After a brief moment of intense joy the next big obstacle presented itself.

Do you know the feeling when this tiny little voice pops up in your head and starts asking questions? What if you don´t make it? Why would you give up your security for a dream? How are you going to survive? How are you going to earn a living?

Our dream was to live in a warm country and not have to go do a job every day that we did not like. So we needed to set up our own business. But what kind of business must it be?

So the brainstorm and planning of changing our lifestyle began…

The Preparation

Marisa is known for her organisation, finance and management skills. Nowadays our team calls her Miss Organise.

With Marisa´s birds eye view and Virgil´s passion for learning new skills about online marketing, business and human behaviour, our journey started.

We started researching Ibiza online. But for some reason we could not find the relevant information about moving to the White Island.

It is in our nature to always create a win-win situation, so we thought all this information might be one day very useful for others.

Together we decided to document everything about Ibiza but from our point of view.

Ibiza Inside

This was our way of keeping all the information in one place but in the meantime, without us realising it, our first business idea started to take shape.

We knew our newly-born project needed a name, so out of nowhere Marisa came up with Ibiza Inside. It took her really a couple of seconds.

Ibiza Inside?

But what will Ibiza Inside do? How would it generate money so we could survive our adventure? We had no idea…

But we had yet another reason to celebrate and we did. Because Ibiza Inside was born!

Ibiza Inside

A friend helped us to design the first website. We made a million changes over the years and eventually we started blogging, shooting videos and interviewing inspiring people.

We tried many ways to monetise the platform. We were a concierge for a month, but it was not for us. We tried to move into real estate because we thought that would be it but we did not know much about real estate.

Slowly we started moving in the direction of helping people move to Ibiza and set up a business, but we had no systems in place.

Everything we’d learned from books and seminars we applied in Ibiza Inside. We were proactive and laser-focused.

People started to follow us. Our social media platforms grew fast, not with tricky black hat techniques, but by building genuine relationships one person at a time.

We spent 24/7 on our new project and our plan of moving to Ibiza. It was that moment in time that we started to sacrifice something very valuable…

Our relationship.

Ibza Inside

But at that time we were so occupied with moving and our business that we did not pay any attention to it.

How are we going to survive?

Ibiza Inside was growing fast. We built relationships with people in Ibiza and all over the world. But it did not make a lot of money.

The clock was ticking and we had roughly 8 months before we made our move to Ibiza.

We needed a solution fast. We only had 25.000 euro in savings and that would help us to survive one year. It could not be the case that after one year we would need to pack our bags and head back home defeated. And that all our close friends would say, ¨We told you so. Dreams are meant to be dreams.¨

So another brainstorm session started. We were asking ourselves what are we passionate about?

We knew that we were truly passionate about helping people. Over the years we had inspired a lot of people to take action and change their lives through the Ibiza Inside website.

We like to empower people to become the best version of themselves.

We looked at the things that were missing in Ibiza. And we saw this little gap in the market in the form of outdoor training. It fitted our passion for helping people perfectly.

It did exist in Ibiza but in a very simplistic way. And we thought, “hey, we are going to offer outdoor training in Ibiza.” It all made sense.

Marisa used to be a marketing and communication manager in sports and Virgil was always busy with ways of keeping himself fit for his physically demanding job, so we could make it work.

Business idea number two was born. But there was this tiny voice popping up its ugly head, and starting to whisper in our ears:

“Where do we start? You don´t know anything about a fitness business? This will never work? You’d better give up now.”

So Virgil went back to school for the last time to become a personal trainer and Marisa was preparing the organisational side of running a fitness business.

The Workout Club Ibiza

It took us three years of preparation before we made the actual move. Besides our platform, Ibiza Inside, we started our other company, The Workout Club Ibiza.

The good part of this was that we had income 12 months a year, something most island residents wish for since earning money in Ibiza is hard in wintertime.

The other side of it was that we worked 24/7 for many years. We have made many mistakes when it comes to setting up a business and moving to another country; this can be the same anywhere in the world.

Ibiza Inside

We worked hard and it paid off. We did well and we grew fast. But we were still struggling to make ends meet.

When others were partying we were working. When others had socials we were locked up together till late in the night to make things work.

When we truly start to move with lightning speed, this was the day we hired our first mentor.

Our coach truly changed everything we thought business was about. We grew our team, and we grew our business through systems we learned from our coach.

Among our clients are celebrities, royal families and ordinary people from all over the world who like to stay in shape whilst on holiday in Ibiza.

In winter time, we have countless clients in Ibiza and all around the world in our online personal training programs.

We were doing well but dark clouds appeared on the horizon…

A dark chapter began

As a couple working together 24/7 wasn’t always sunshine. Living on the island and working together came with a high price.

Our relationship was all about work, work and more work. We were starting to lose each other in the process of creating huge success.

We loved each other but the spark had faded away. You could say that we burned it all up.

And for what? Success? A great lifestyle? You can imagine the pain and sadness and emptiness we both felt.

It was the end of our love relationship.

And the whole world we had built together was crumbling to pieces right in front of our eyes. It was a black chapter in the fairytale we had started writing together many years ago

A loving friendship and partnership

Many months passed. We just did what needed to be done in The Workout Club Ibiza.

Until this day we are forever grateful for the fantastic team of talented people we have. They went above and beyond to support us in our darkest hours. They kept TWC-Ibiza alive while we were drowning in sorrow and heartache.

It took weeks before we started talking normally together and you know what, love comes in many forms.

We learned how to have respect for each other, how to keep on being partners in business and how to set aside our own feelings for a mutual goal with the best intentions for both of us.

Virgil & Marisa Ibiza Inside

Love between us had changed. It became something more than love itself. We knew that we were not meant to be a couple anymore.

But we are a kick-ass team and we love each other on a whole new level.

So we decided that this whole journey could not be all for nothing. Our story could not end right here. We are both entrepreneurs by heart and we know each other through and through. And we have a fairytale to finish.

So again we started brainstorming but this time, it was not to create something new. It was all about how to bring everything together. After all Ibiza Inside had not yet made any money, it only cost money and loads of time. And that had to change.

The rebirth of Ibiza Inside

We had, on the one hand, The Workout Club Ibiza, which helps people to become better versions of themselves in body mind and energy.


On the other hand, Ibiza Inside, that helps and motivates people to move to another country, set up their business and how to reach goals to gain a better lifestyle.

It was a conversation with our dear friend David Lindemann that made it all clear.

We had a conversation about how Ibiza Inside basically was dead. There was no Virgil and Marisa anymore. So there was no Ibiza Inside the story had ended.

David pointed out that it was a new beginning. Ibiza Inside had not ended, it had just changed direction.

He suggested that we should fuse the ideas of both TWC-Ibiza and Ibiza Inside into one platform. When he mentioned that concept, it was like the skies opened up and rays of sunshine were making their way down to earth. It became all so clear.

That was it..! thank you David.

It all came full circle. Ibiza Inside empowers people to become better versions of themselves in body, mind and lifestyle.

Ibiza Inside finally reached it’s final destination. It took us many years to come to this point but now it´s going to happen.

We are not coaches. We see ourselves as people with a dream just like you. There is only one difference; we took action and we worked hard. So hard that it even cost us our relationship.

Ibiza Inside

We are the right people to show you how to get in the best shape of your life, how to move to another country, set up a business, keep your relationships with family and loved ones alive, reach your goals and make your dreams happen.

All because we did it ourselves. We know exactly what NOT to do.

We, as nobody else, know how hard it is to throw away your security of an income, of a home where you feel safe, saying goodbye to friends and family, being broke and taking the actual step to follow your dreams.

We hope that our journey inspires you to take action without the mistakes we have made.

And don´t worry, we will be your friends and guides whenever you are ready to change body, mind and lifestyle. All you need to do is reach out to us and we will be by your side with the speed of light.

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Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.


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