How we set up The Workout Club Ibiza Part 1

You thinking of moving to Ibiza and setting up your own business? In this post you will learn how we set up our personal training company TWC-Ibiza. We will share the system that got us from idea to execution.

The Idea

The idea to move to Ibiza we had for a couple of years. Our only criteria was that we did not like to work behind a bar in the season and struggle for money in the winter. Our move to Ibiza must be a enhancement of life, not a struggle.

We brainstormed for months before we came up with the idea that outdoor fitness was not yet very big on Ibiza. But not being sure what the future would bring for us, our heads started to fill with doubt. At that time we thought the safest way forward is a franchise model that we can bring to Ibiza.


To franchise or not to franchise

We found one of the biggest outdoor fitness companies and we started talking about bringing someone else’s brand to Ibiza. We had countless of meetings and we created a detailed marketing plan with our ideas for Ibiza. The whole franchise did not work out because we had the feeling that our hands were tied too much. I guess our entrepreneurial blood was already flowing through our veins without knowing it yet.

We were stuck and upset for days not knowing which direction we should take. Finally we came to the conclusion that if we had put so much work into the marketing plan, why not execute it with our own brand? Our hearts were filling with excitement and at the same time fear crawled slowly upon us. Where do we start?

The birth of The Workout Club Ibiza

We are blessed with Marisa’s creative mind and talent for coming up with names. We thought about a million names. She came up with The Workout Club Ibiza very fast but here the little devil of doubt creeped up on us again. The name process took us a very long time. If you learn only one thing from this post then this is it. Pick your name fast and if you get the marketing right and have a high quality product or service, you will succeed. So the golden tip is move fast.


Building the community first.

We had learned from our business coaches that you need to build your community first. So that’s what we did. Whilst the designers were creating our logo and our look and feel, we started to build our community. We used a simple tool that we call the master networking list. We wrote everybody down who might be interested in what we had to offer or people that could connect us to potential partners. Building your community is a slow process where you put a name on your list and build your relationships one person at a time. But this time consuming process is worth your effort.


The Launch

The TWC-Ibiza launch brought even more stress because we just moved over to Ibiza and our savings start to flow away to all the things we needed to set up our Ibiza life. Money had to come in yesterday.We messaged everybody on our master networking list and told them about our launch. The result was not huge but it was good to learn how people looked at fitness in Ibiza. We just started with half of a website, a burning desire and passion to help others. Now we are with a team of 4 coaches and 2 people at the office. Our little idea grew in to a business that operates full year around. It is hard work but seeing people improve their movement, posture, mindset and strength reminds us all why we started in the first place.

If we can give you a quick summary of what you should do if you’d like to start your business in Ibiza it would be this:

Join the FREE Moving to Ibiza on Facebook

This group is created with one mission; to assist as many people as possible to move and set up their business in Ibiza. Join now and be part of like minded people with loads of love for Ibiza.

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Don’t think too much
Take action. Come up with a name for your business, create your master networking list and start. Learn along the way.

Fail Fast
Come up with an idea, just do it and if it does not work move to something else until you have it right.

Get Help
Get yourself a coach who can keep you accountable and will assist you when you are stuck. The costs of a coach outweighs the costs of failed projects. Trust us we have tried..:)

Solve people’s problems
There are a million problems that people have. Offer a solution and you have a business. Just a thought.

So what do you do next? Create an idea for your business. Make a plan and just do it. If you need any help please feel free to send us a message and we will share with you the exact system.
we used to set up The Workout Club Ibiza and Ibiza Inside.

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About the Author:

Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.


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    This is so cute!I like how it’s read like it’s, well, &#e120;r8ad„ and your voice is so relatable!I imagined a children’s book listening.Great moments of excitement/thrill at the right places… I love it )

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