An interview with the owners of Las Dos Lunas


Listen to the story of Massimo and Almudena founders of Las Dos Lunas.

1. Can you introduce yourselves to our readers..?

Our names are Massimo Lucarini and Almudena Robles.We met here on the island in 1982. We came from different countries, Italy and Spain, and were at a different stage of life. I was studying in the University, he was a self made man. There is a rumor spread on the island that couples that meet here last longer, we do not know but we have been together for 33 years. Our Restaurant is a family business, we are all involved in it and quarrel a lot in the “Italian way”, that is very vehemently.

2. You are right between the big clubs Amnesia and Privilege so you have a very special place. Was that a choice to start on that location?

At the time we opened, we were all starting and clubs were not what they are now. They were kind of open air fincas with music where you could walk in with your dog. We liked the house, an antique shop, and that was all. The clubs and us grew up together!

3. What kind of food do you serve in Las Dos Lunas?

Our food is traditional Italian, as we prefer to focus on quality and freshness, simplicity and mediterranean style. Our daily specials can offer more variety of styles. Also we cultivate our own vegetable garden.

4. Ibiza was always a special place. What has changed the last 30 years..?

It has changed in many ways:

  • Before you could not see good cars, it was not cool to have one and the roads were terrible.
  • Beach houses called chiringuitos had no fridge, you almost ate the fish just caught in the place.
  • There were 10 taxis on the island.
  • No traffic jams.
  • Small airport, very difficult to come, and much worse to leave, as you really did not feel like it.
  • Tourism before came for more weeks, not just 3-5 days. You wanted to visit the island, be peaceful, hear your inner self…
  • Constructions were very few, the architecture of the island was prominent.
  • Celebrities did not want to be seen or photographed, They wanted to escape from the crowd that is why they liked to come here, this was a secret location and we all respected that.

5. What kind of tip do you have for people who are dreaming of opening up their own restaurant in Ibiza?

To be very focused, have an honest relationship with the island and be patient…

6. What does your perfect Ibiza day look like…?

Mid season time is the best. Swimming in Cala Chucla, for instance in San Juan. Take a walk in the old Ibiza town, have dinner in our place, the most romantic restaurant in the world.

7. When we say Ibiza you say?


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