An Interview with Jürgen Bushe founder of the Ibiza Style Magazine


We recently interviewed Jürgen Bushe, the founder and editor in chief of the Ibiza Style Magazine. Jürgen is originally from Hamburg, Germany, and he is married. Jürgen has been coming to Ibiza for almost 35 years and he has considered Ibiza his home for 10 years now. In this Interview you will learn more about Ibiza Style Magazine and you will get some great insights from Jürgen and his life on Ibiza.

You are the editor in chief of Ibiza style magazine. Can you tell us what kind of magazine it is?

I am the editor in chief and the owner of the magazine. Ibiza Style magazine is a lifestyle magazine that not only talks about people and society, but we like to cover various subjects. We love to write about the island’s tradition. I have many Ibicenco friends and I have known them for many years. We are very lucky that we are able to tell their stories, in this way we like to preserve the island’s history.This is the part that we like a lot and it is very interesting. Of course we talk about all the places that are hip on the island like restaurants , shops and hotels, music and big events . It’s a big part of the island’s lifestyle and we like to cover it all for our readers. It is not only sex, drugs and rock & roll…it is so much more. For example, in October the best time of the year starts. October is fantastic when the island is returning to its normal rhythm and we have time to go to the country side. We can do normal things besides partying. The island has two faces, it is really busy in the summer which is a good thing. In summer you can have the feeling that you are being invaded by tourists. Although the island is dependent on tourism, it is fantastic when we have the island back to ourselves. It is different when you come to Ibiza as a visitor or you live here. You look at Ibiza with a different view.


Why did you start Ibiza style magazine?

 Before I came to Ibiza I was writing for German gourmet magazines. I had a column and I was writing restaurant critiques. So when I came to Ibiza I really didn’t have the idea to start a magazine. Then I received a question if I would like to work for another magazine on the island. I started as the editor in chief of the magazine Deluxe Ibiza. They offered me to take a license for the magazine but I did not like it really because I had to do what the agreement said. I had to write about Mallorca but the people of Ibiza only like to read about their island. So one day I decided to do my own thing and this was 7 years ago when I started Ibiza Style Magazine.

What type of people do you like to target with the magazine?

As you know our magazine is trilingual, we try to create content for everybody. We try to talk to people in their own language, that’s why we have a German , Spanish and English version. Of course we are German minded because that is my native tongue so most things we do in the German language and Spanish, and then we translate it into English. This is the complicated part, to translate content in such a way that the content still maintains its original tone of voice. I am always very happy if we get feedback from our readers. We try to contact the readers through all the social media channels. Our Facebook page is also trilingual. I think this is very important. We know many readers on the island. There are also a lot of Dutch people who read our magazine.

You write a lot about fashion, but the strange thing is that Ibicenco fashion designers are not really known around the world. Can you elaborate on that?

It’s funny that fashion designers from Ibiza are not internationally known, it’s a very special kind of fashion, not the fashion that you will find in London Paris or New York. It is fashion with its roots stemming from many years ago. It started with the hippy culture and it developed in Adlib, the typical white island fashion. People who have been on the island know this type of local fashion. The designers are also going to some fairs but it is a very special kind of fashion. When you export this it does not work so well. Ibiza has a special ambiance and that is a major part of all the Ibiza products. The weather in the north does not fit quite well with the Adlib fashion.


People always say that Ibiza has a special kind of energy or a positive vibe. What do you think about that?

Well I always have to smile when I hear this. Personally, I do not believe in these things. I think it is the ambiance of the island. Ibiza is of course a Mediterranean island that offers something special. The island has a kind of power which you have to accept. I see it like this: The island has to accept you and when she does, you will be happy and successful. You have to be very strong to live on this island because there are a lot of temptations awaiting you.

You are an entrepreneur. Was it hard to start a business in Ibiza?

I was lucky that I already knew a lot of people from the island. It was not really hard because working in Ibiza is very different then in, let’s say, Holland or Germany. Everything is relaxed, people have more time, you have to get used to this and you have to accept this. You have to adjust to the Spanish culture even if it’s in some ways totally different from your own. You have to respect the cultures and ways of the island. Everything is tranquillo as they say it here. But I noticed that things are slowly changing on the island. Nowadays people start to adapt to the European speed. Suddenly they do not have all the time in the world, yes, even for the Ibicenco’s. Sometimes it can create a little stress. I saw a big change in 35 years ‘time: more buildings ,more houses, more and more tourism. ..You see cafés and restaurants pop up everywhere.


More and more people are coming to Ibiza. In 2011 more than 5 million people came through the airport last year. Can you say this is a good thing?

I think it can be a problem in the future. The island is limited in a way. All the tourism is focused on two months. A few years ago it started in Easter and finished by the end of October so you had five months of tourism. Now it is concentrating in two months and this is not good in my opinion. I think this problem will solve itself because the island is becoming more and more expensive. For families with normal incomes Ibiza became very expensive. I would really enjoy it if the local business would not close or limit their opening times from June till September. It is strange, we have fantastic weather and perfect conditions to extend the season.

Which trends do you think Ibiza will deliver in the near future?

First of all I think it will be the music. Ibiza is famous for the music style. We now see a big change from only deejays to live acts and concerts but always in a special style. Big companies in the music industries are present on the island. For example Pioneer is here in Ibiza with its brand. And they make it international. For example people in the United States hear about Ibiza but they don’t even know the exact location. They don’t know Spain but they do know Ibiza.

When we say Ibiza you say?

My home.

When you like to read more information about Ibiza Style Magazine, we invite you to take a look at their beautiful website Feel free to let us know what you think about Ibiza Style magazine in the comment box below.

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