An interview with Jerom a talented artist from Ibiza

jerom Ibiza Artist
Ibiza is a very inspirational place and the home of many talented artists. Jerom is one of those artists and we are sure that you know Jerom’s work. When you see one of the stunning pieces of graffiti art on the walls in Ibiza Town you can almost be sure that it’s coming from the hands of this talented man. Let’s dive into the creative mind of Jerom.

Ibiza Inside: Can you tell us about the man Jerom?

Jerom: Well yes. I’m Jerom and I’m 33 years of age. I’m a graffiti artist who loves to paint on the walls in Ibiza. I have done this almost half my life. You could say that graffiti is my life.

Ibiza Inside:How long have you lived on Ibiza?

Jerom: I was born and raised in Ibiza. So I am a real Ibizan.

jerom Ibiza Artist

Ibiza Inside: Ibiza is a very inspirational place for developing one’s talents. You have such a talent. When did you start drawing?

Jerom: I guess you can say that I developed my talent on the streets. As a kid I used to spray my art on the walls. I slowly developed my skills on the street.

Ibiza Inside: Did you go to art school to learn to paint like this?

Jerom: No I didn’t attend any art school. All the skills I have now, I learned by practicing and spraying on the streets of Ibiza.

                      Beautiful art on a Ibiza beach by Jerom

jerom Ibiza Artist

Ibiza Inside: Ibiza is known for a lot of creative people. Does your inspiration also come directly from the island?

Jerom: Many things here inspire me. Ibiza is such a huge source of inspiration for me. It’s an incredible place full of amazing and beautiful people.

Ibiza Inside:: What advice do you have for young inspiring artists?

Jerom: My advice for young talent out there is to paint a lot. Meet other artists and exchange ideas. Keep up creating great art as often as you can and before you know it someone will recognize your talent and you will have your own exhibition.

jerom Ibiza Artist

Ibiza Inside: That’s some great advice Jerom. We love your work. Do you sell your work in galleries?

Jerom: Yes I do. I am actually preparing an exhibition now, together with my friend Hosh, which can be seen from the 26th of May in the Pacha Hotel.

Ibiza Inside: When we say Ibiza you say…?

Jerom: Home!

Thank you Jerom for sharing your art and your love for Ibiza. When you like to learn more about Jerom feel free to visit his beautiful website.  This is the first post of a serie about artist who live, or are inspired by Ibiza. When you are a artist and you have some connection with Ibiza, and you love to showcase your work. Feel free to leave a comment below and we will contact you as soon as possible.



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