An Interview with Jaqcueline Bozon an Artist inspired by Ibiza

Jaqcueline Bozon inspired by Ibiza

In this interview with Jaqueline Bozon we love to share with you a beautiful person who creates stunning paintings inspired by Ibiza. Jaqcueline is a energetic person who you will love the moment you meet her.  You will learn what’s her motivation to paint and were she gets her inspiration from. We love  introduce to you Jaqcueline Bozon.

Hi Jacqueline can you tell us more about yourself and your work…?

I’am an artist, 46 years old and grew up in the south of the Netherlands. As a child I loved drawing and I want to study at the Academy of art. “But to be an artist was an unrealistic career choice and there was no future in that”,said my father. So I studied Pedagogy. After 17 years working as a teacher and enrolled myself in the Academy of Arts, I stopped my teaching career and put all my energy and time into painting. I love to travel around the world, to feel other cultures, and specially to meet new people!

Materials and colours which i found on my “journey”…gives me inspiration! Amazing how light and colour can play, like young children hopping through there world and love to meet new things. All these elements are blended into my work in a colourful combination of lines that take you on an adventure. This play of lines represents for me the stepping stones of life, life paths. Alongside the play of lines there are often a range of materials which refer to Mother Earth. Each path is different, a reflection of a unique life itself.

Can you tell us why you started painting?

why I started painting … because it gives me freedom in my own dreams … For me, painting is a fantastic occupation: a journey through time and life experiences. Painting is the fulfilment of my dreams and the ultimate freedom of expression. The feeling of steering without a compass!

Jaqcueline Bozon inspired by Ibiza

What does Ibiza mean for you?

When I first arrived on Ibiza … I sniffed the scent. I don’ know but it did something to me … it was like coming home! It’s an island with the intention to give … not to take. Ibiza is full of energy, who or what you are doesn’t matter … and that’s what you feel! Also the climate is wonderful and it’s got an amazing nature….and a lot of good people and music!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

From life … nature (colours and light), people (give you stories) and music (gives me the rhythm) and all those elements together gives me a positive flow!

A lot of people have your work in their homes or offices can you describe your succes?

What’s success? I really don’t know, but the people who buy my work feel the positive energy and they like the warm colours into a good composition. Also they say it’s contemporary art, which they haven’t seen yet, “New” art … so that’s maybe my success.

                       Jaqcueline Bozon has the true Ibiza spirit

You love to live in Ibiza one day can you elaborate on that?

Everything I earn and don’t need for living, i save. For once … to have my atelier in Ibiza! My dream to make my work on the island and to get old on the island with my beloved husband.

What advice do you have to young artists?

Always be yourself and believe in your own work!

When we say Ibiza you say…?

The feeling like coming home.

Thank you Jaqueline for this inspiring interview. We are happy to call you our friend. When you love to see more of Jaqueline’s work feel free to visit her beautiful website. Who is your favourite Ibiza Artist?

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    Dank je wel voor je berichtje.. Alles goed verder met je ..?

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