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Smack Ibiza

Ibiza is the home of creative and inspiring people and we are lucky to call a lot of those people our friends. We’d love to introduce Corina and Sara to you. They are the founders of Smack Ibiza, a hair and makeup agency in Ibiza. We invite you to read the interview we did with these two wonderful girls. Get inspired and motivated to follow your dreams. Meet Smack Ibiza!

 How did you start Smack Ibiza?

Corina: In 1995 I had just finished my GCSEs. I was a junglist at the time and it introduced me to House music. Sara: In 2008 Corina introduced me to the island on a girly holiday and I knew it wasn’t going to be a one-off. We came to the island with the idea to do something different with makeup and hair. When we started, all we had was our makeup kits and some flyers. In London you can only work in one area really, fashion or commerce etc. If you are in fashion it is very hard to do something else. Ibiza enabled us to do all aspects of makeup and hair. It does not matter, as long as you provide quality work, you can do everything in Ibiza.

                        Michiko Koshino Hair & Make Up By Smack Ibiza

Michiko Koshino - White Ibiza Style Watch Hair & Make Up By Smack Ibizaphotography by: Maria Simon for White Ibiza

What a fantastic story, not a lot of people dare to take the risk to give everything up and follow their dreams. You guys did it. Can you tell us about Smack Ibiza?

Smack Ibiza was launched in 2009 and our aim was to bring a professional, high standard to the island. We saw a gap in the market for a service which provided hair stylists and makeup artists to all areas of the island’s needs, be it editorials, commercials, music videos, TV, fashion shows, private hire or weddings/events. 

What is it that makes Smack Ibiza different?

The fact that we come as a team gives a stronger impact on people. We both come from London where we gained our experience, having worked in the industry for over 10 years. We also work like an agency and contract our hair and makeup artists when we need to. We never turn down work as we know we will have the right person for the job. We have developed a respected reputation over the last 3 years and customer care is high up on our list.

CH-hires-Models-47 Hair & Make Up By Smack IbizaPhotography by: Toni Riera.

What tips do you have for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Ibiza?

Corina: The most important thing has to be passion and a willingness to put in a lot of hard work.
Sara: I agree, also do your research and know your market. We spent nearly a year on planning and researching before we started Smack. Be honest and open and the island will treat you right. We don’t believe in competition. We feel that if you work together you will gain a lot more from life.

How is it to work with famous people?

Our work is very varied and working with famous people is just a part of it. Really, it’s no different to any other job but there are things to consider, like being professional and being discrete. Also, we are there to uphold people’s image/looks and work accordingly, not like fashion for example, where we create and design a look.

Smack Ibiza worked for the famous Pacha magazine. Can you tell us about that?

We have done a few shoots for Pacha magazine and also for their 2012 advertising posters. Pacha is a big name on Ibiza and for us to be part of the creation of their image is amazing. It gives us a platform to showcase our work.

EasyJet2[1] Hair & Make Up By Smack Ibiza

Can you explain about Ibiza’s mysterious energy and how it works?

It has become a kind of cliché but it’s so true! There is a fantastic energy in Ibiza. It works in different ways, testing you all the time. Lots of people come to Ibiza and just take, take, take but you have to give something back to the island otherwise it will chew you up and spit you out. The island will either accept or reject you.


What does your favourite day of in Ibiza look like?

Corina: Wake up early, do a bit of yoga to get the body warmed up and then a quick dip in the sea. After that, having meetings in Plaza Del Parque, lunch at Comida San Juan, and a late afternoon on the beach and a fashion show in the evening. Sara: Brunch on my terrace in the sun, beach with friends, sunset at Es Vedra and a BBQ in the evening followed by a boogie.


Pacha Advertising-NYE Poster Hair & Make Up By Smack Ibiza


When we say Ibiza you say?

Corina: Love.
Sara: Home.

When you like to learn more about the talented girls Sara and Corina from Smack Ibiza please visit their website We love fashion do you?

We love fashion and you ?

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