An interview with bridal designer Rebecca Cella

Rebecca Cella
We love to dive in to the creative mind of Rebecca Cella. What makes her tick? What is her connection with Ibiza? We are about to find out. We present Bridal designer Rebecca Cella

Ibiza Inside: Can you share with us, who Rebecca Cella is and what makes her tick?

Rebecca Cella: I create beautiful (often sparkly!) knitted dresses. I can spend hours and hours experimenting with different yarns on my knitting machine. I get such a buzz out of coming up with a new, completely unique piece of fabric which I simply know is going to make the most gorgeous dress, whether it is for my main collection or for my Bridal Collection. That and the people in my life are what make me tick – They motivate and inspire me more than anything.

One of the beautiful wedding dresses by Rebecca Cella

Rebecca Cella

Ibiza Inside: You are a successful designer. Can you share with us how you’ve started?

Rebecca Cella: I was always fascinated by detail and I always loved sketching and embellishing anything I came across with drawings, stitching, sequins… Textiles became the most natural medium for me to express my creativity, and I had always loved fashion too. Once I decided I wanted to start my own label, it was just a matter of making a lot of sacrifices, keeping focused, working extremely hard, and never giving up (although I have had my moments!)

Rebecca Cella Photography Ana Lui & Eva Kruiper

Ibiza Inside: Where do you get you inspiration from?

Rebecca Cella: I get inspiration from anything and everything. It could be the intricate pattern of a cobweb or a vintage chandelier. I love the thrill of translating an idea by means of the knitting machine. The latest collection was inspired by petals and blossom.

Rebecca Cella

Ibiza Inside: Ibiza is a favourite place to get married. What tips do you have for people who are planning their wedding on Ibiza?

Rebecca Cella: Ibiza is such a haven of creativity… try to spend some time on the island, meeting up with all the fantastic wedding suppliers, exploring all the beautiful venues and you’ll find it will all come together stress free. For my wedding in 2010 we found the most amazing people who made our wedding a dream: Ana Lui for example, who is without a doubt THE BEST photographer, then there was scrumptious food & wonderful support from Eat Ibiza. Also, we had our dream venue at Can Gall, hair & makeup by my talented friends Jay Pinxie Turnbull & Louisa Mason, we found a great DJ in Alex Regal and the most beautiful flowers by Nicole at Ses Flors.

Rebecca Cella

Ibiza Inside: What is your connection with Ibiza?

Rebecca Cella: My parents always had a second home in Ibiza and we spent all our free time here. It was the most amazing childhood; it was free and full of craziness and inspiration! I’m sure the island has had a huge impact on me growing up as a designer and as a person.

Rebecca Cella

Ibiza Inside: A lot of people would like to become a successful designer. What tips do you have for them?

Rebecca Cella: For me, the hardest part was learning and managing every aspect of starting a business. You’re not only the designer and creator, but at the beginning you are also the runner, the press agent, the sales agent, the secretary! I’ve had to learn how to juggle many things at once, so you need to have focus, a lot of patience and energy.

Rebecca Cella

Ibiza Inside: What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Rebecca Cella: I hope to have a house full of kids, and to carry on being fortunate enough to be living my passion every day.

Rebecca Cella

Ibiza Inside: When we say Ibiza you say..?

Rebecca Cella:One of a kind

We like to thank Rebecca for the interview and we are looking forward seeing a lot of her work in Ibiza. When you like to see more of Rebecca Cella’s work we invite you to visit her beautiful website. Are you about to get married on Ibiza? Share your ideas with us and maybe we see you in a Rebecca Cella original

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