An Interview with Solomun best producer of Ibiza 2012

You know the feeling when music of Solomun gets under your skin, then goes directly to your soul and heart and you feel it all over your body? It happens to me when I’m listening to Solomun’s music. He is a real artist and a wizard too: an artist in producing and a DJ wizard. He is doing his job with lots of passion and you can feel true emotion when he spins in the clubs. I am presenting to you Solomun, a DJ/producer based in Hamburg. This was his first year of playing on Ibiza and it marked the end of his season in a more than successful way by winning the DJ award. His music was quite a refreshment for the Ibiza music scene and he literally conquered the island.

Irina: Hi Solomun, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Can you tell us more about yourself, Mladen Solomun?

Solomun: He is a tall and good looking guy, he is honest, loyal and he is very easy and simple. However, don’t make him angry. Well, no one wants to be angry. It’s good when I’m on your side, if you have me as a friend, then everything should be okay (laughing).

Irina: You have won the Electronic Music Awards – Ibiza 2012 in the category best producer of the year. What was your reaction when winning your first award?

Solomun: I was super surprised because I didn’t expect it. I was also surprised about the media knowing so much about me. I was very honoured and then I was surprised again when they called my name during the award and I was like: ok, now I have to do some-thing. Then I went to the stage and I forgot my speech, all this because it was my first award ever! I had a blackout for 5 seconds and again I said: ok I have to do something so I did a Solomun dance.

Our own Irina & Solomun

Irina & Solomun

Irina: ‘DIYnamic Neon Night’ in Sankeys was the bomb. It was new and a refreshment for the Ibiza club music scene and a massive success. Did you expect this huge success?

Solomun: You can’t expect this kind of success ever. I was super nervous when we started the plans for nights in Sankeys and when the first day came closer and closer I was getting more and more nervous because it was a challenge for us. We had to work with other promoters, all together, everything was new; a new club, and of course the event was held on the island for the first time ever… We were thinking: ok we will be happy when there are 500 people in the club, but the feedback has been amazing from the first party till the end. It was a surprise. Well, I had a lot of surprises this year!

Irina: Can u tell us more about your label DIYnamic?

Solomun: Six years have passed since founding the label DIYnamic. Everything started with our own party called DIY (Do It Yourself), and that is also the reason why we came up with the name of label DIYnamic, which is also a concept of the label. DIY was a name in punk scene in the 80s. When the punk scene started, everything was a DIY thing: doing everything on your own, do it yourself, don’t care about other things. We loved this thing DIY, so we thought it would be interesting to put in the name of the label. That is also the reason that we have DIY thing in the name of our other label – 2DIY4.

Irina: What are your plans and dreams for the future?

Solomun: To be honest, I don’t plan much, it make no sense. That is one of the things that I learned. I try to take everything step by step and go for just a 6’-month schedule to finish things regarding the label and some other plans, but no big plans. And where dreams are concerned, I am super happy and hopefully I can continue like this and remain healthy, also for my family and the people around me. Eventually, of course, one day I hope to have a family of my own.


Irina: We know that every young DJ’s dream is playing on Ibiza and we all know how dif-ficult it is. What advice would you give to them?

Solomun: I really don’t have any advice. The only advice I can give is not to go to other people, not to look at how other DJs work, no matter how successful they are or how big they are. Always rely on yourself and look at what you do. Do your homework and one day it will happen, success will come. If this is your profession in the future and if you love what you do, your time will come.

Irina: A global trend is that everyone thinks he/she can be a DJ. Does this fact annoy you?

Solomun: Because of the techniques of today it is quite easy, you don‘t need so many skills but in order to become a DJ involves so much more. You need a good background in music history, the music from the past, what is going on today. Also you have got to have feeling for what is coming next, you need to be completely into it…Above all this you need the love and passion for it which is most important. There is room for everybody ☺.

Irina: When you create music what do you prefer to mix? Is it a particular voice or a sound and where do you get your inspiration from?

Solomun: Music is a moment, it depends on periods, and every period has its own character. It also depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to old school and there was a time I was very sad about my ex-girlfriend and the result was a track in minor. I like to show many different styles as a producer. Music is so colourful, life is colourful. I like change, I can be angry about something and then make a techno track and then I can make a pop track too if I want.

Solomun winner of the best producer award in Ibiza


Irina: If you could use three words to describe the Ibiza music scene what would they be?

Solomun: To be honest this island deserves more than three words. If I start it will last all night (laughing).

Irina: One thing you would like to change about the current local music scene?

It is how it is, there is room for everybody. Ok, maybe the commercial scene is a bit stronger. I got the feeling that its 50-50%. This is a place in the world where everything comes together. For example; people come here to see Swedish House Mafia or David Guetta and then accidentally end up at an after party on the beach and listen to Marco Carola or Jamie Jones and they start to like the vibe of the music. Then, next time, they might go and visit them again.

Irina: When we say Ibiza you say…?

Solomun: What?!

I was super happy during this interview and it was a real pleasure talking to Solomun.  Solomun just hypnotized me! ☺When you  like to learn more about  Solomun please feel free to join his Facebook page. Who is your favourite DJ..?

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Irina is a real estate manager for more than 10 years. She is passionately in love with music and writing. She loves all the things where she can express her creativity, she lives in Ibiza and writes about lifestyle, events and music.


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  9. John Snow May 5, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    I really like all of your music Solomun !! You are the best. One of your best songs is Something We All Adore (if you don’t know it: )

    Best music everr!!

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    We all love Solomun!!! 🙂

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    You the man Solomun! It is obvious you have major passion and love for music.

    Like the third person in your opening and closing. Classic!

    Keep up the great work!

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