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Virgil & Marisa

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Virgil and Marisa. Two ordinary people, just like you, and we come fromHolland. We were living our busy lives in Amsterdam and we were quite happy.

At least that is what we thought.

We had a dream like so many of you that someday we would move to a country where the sun always shines(Yes, we’d loved the idea of a flip flop lifestyle).

set up our own business and living a lifestyle that reflects our true purpose and that is helping others creating great businesses and more importantly an amazing life.

Doubt, fear and overwhelm

One day we were sitting in the park on a nice mid-summer day.

Amsterdam on it’s best with smiling people having picnics in the park, the sun on our face and a cold glass of rose in the hand.

That was when the feeling of doubt started to show it’s ugly face.

Why would we leave this comfortable place? The sun is shining and everything is fine. Amsterdam is great.

That was our first response to fear and doubt, justifying that the plan we have to move to the sun and set up a business was the worst thing we could do.

The scary idea of actually leaving to go to another country and set up a new business became the subject of many conversations to follow.

The more we talked about it the deeper we sunk in the swamp called overwhelm

After countless conversations we decided that we did not want to be hours away from family and friends, so we decided that Ibiza would be our new home.

We made the choice but that was the beginning of a long journey of learning to overcome our doubt fear and overwhelm.

Our business set up

After a brief moment of intense joy the next big obstacle presented itself.

Do you know the feeling when this tiny little voice pops up in your head and starts asking questions?

What if you don´t make it? How are you going to earn a living?

Our dream was to move to a warm country and not have to go to a job every day and living under a grey blanket of clouds most of the year.

So we needed to set up our own business. But we never started a business in another country before. We had no idea where to start

The Preparation

We remembered a sentence in a business book called the ultimate sales machine written by Chet Holmes, and that is to develop a pigheaded discipline.

We are blessed that we both have the pigheaded discipline in our nature so we started researching, reading, attending workshops, apply what we have learned and of course we messed up a lot.

Together we decided to document everything from the setup of our business and the move to another country but from our point of view.

We documented what worked and discarded what was useless.

We  always strive to create a win-win situation, so we thought all this information might inspire others in the future.

This was our way of keeping all the information in one place but in the meantime, without us realising it our business Ibiza Inside started to take shape.

Slowly The Ibiza way system started to evolve.

The time of being overwhelmed had to make way for moving forward and setting up that business.

We had something to prove to ourselves and all the people who truly believed that it could not be done.

As Marisa always says we were on a mission of reclaiming our life!

Ibiza Inside and The Workout Club Ibiza

A friend helped us to design the first website.

We made a million changes over the years and eventually we started blogging, shooting videos and interviewing inspiring people.

Ibiza Inside was growing fast. We built relationships with people in Ibiza and all over the world.

But it did not make a lot of money. Ibiza Inside was not ready yet to make a steady income to support our life in Ibiza

The clock was ticking and we had roughly 8 months before we made our move to Ibiza.

We needed a solution fast. We only had 25.000 euro in savings and that would not even help us to survive one year.

It could not be the case that after one year we would need to pack our bags and head back home defeated.  

And that all our close friends would say, ¨We told you so. Dreams are meant to be dreams.¨

So another brainstorm session started. We were asking ourselves what are we passionate about?

We knew that we were truly passionate about helping people.

Over the years we had inspired a lot of people to take action and change their lives through the Ibiza Inside website.

We looked at the things that people truly would love in Ibiza, and we saw this little gap in the market in the form of outdoor training.

It fitted our passion for empowering people perfectly.

Marisa used to be a marketing and communication manager in sports and Virgil was always busy with ways of keeping himself fit for his physically demanding job, so we could make it work.

The Workout Club Ibiza was born. But there was this tiny voice popping up it’s ugly head, and starting to whisper in our ears:

“Where do we start? You don´t know anything about a fitness business? This will never work? You’d better give up now.”

When others were partying we were learning new skills.

When others had socials we were locked up together till late in the night to make things work.

Fast forward to present day

Among our personal clients are celebrities, royal families and ordinary people from all over the world who like to stay in shape whilst on holiday in Ibiza.

In winter time, we have countless clients in Ibiza and all around the world in our online personal training programs.

We truly start to move with lightning speed  the day we hired our first mentor. Our coach truly changed everything we thought business was about.

We grew our team, and we grew our business through systems.

While working with our mentor we  learned that the best way to learn is to teach.

And that is how we started coaching others in starting up their business and living the Flip Flop lifestyle.

Ibiza Inside evolved in The Ibiza Way a business coaching company, a thriving community with like minded people who lovedIn winter time.

We have countless clients in Ibiza and all around the world in our online personal training programs to start their business and a flip flop lifestyle.

Over the years we have helped many entrepreneurs from all over the world to start up their business and get their passion and purpose clear.

We shared how to build business relationships and share with others to create abundance and freedom in their businesses and lives.

Before we knew it we were running two business at the same time and we were working 90 hours a week.  But than…

Dark clouds appeared on the horizon

As a couple working together 24/7 wasn’t always sunshine. Living on Ibiza and working together came with a high price.

Our relationship was all about work, work and more work. We were starting to lose each other in the process of creating huge success.

We loved each other but the spark had faded away. You could say that we burned it all up.

And for what? Success? A great lifestyle? You can imagine the pain and sadness and emptiness we both felt.

It was the end of our love relationship.

And the whole world we had built together was crumbling to pieces right in front of our eyes.

It was a black chapter in the fairytale we had started writing together many years ago

A loving friendship and partnership

Many months passed. We just did what needed to be done in The Workout Club Ibiza.

Until this day we are forever grateful for the fantastic team of talented people we have.

They went above and beyond to support us in our darkest hours.

They kept TWC-Ibiza alive while we were drowning in sorrow and heartache.

It took weeks before we started talking normally together and you know what, love comes in many forms.

We learned  to have respect for each other, how to keep on being partners in business and how to set aside our own feelings for a mutual goal with the best intentions for both of us.

More importantly we discovered so many things about ourselves,starting a business and moving to another country.

We became experts in how NOT to start up a business and work until you destroy everything around you including yourself.

We’ve learned that life is all about living first. Everything else comes second.

You have to be the centre of the universe at all times to have business and life success

You need to have systems to Get Shit Done in the shortest amount of time.

We know now that you need to schedule everything even your private life.

Trust us it’s not worthed to lose a relationship for a business.

It´s was a rocky ride but now we have two successful businesses, we live on an island that has 300 days of sun and we are best friends and business partners.

Now It´s time to contribute to the world and give back what we learned on our journey. Our purpose in life is to empower people like yourself to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams the Ibiza way.

We love to help you

Most people only dream about a better lifestyle. They dream about setting up a business and change their lifestyle

You know what to do, but you get stuck in doubt, fear and uncertainty. You over-analyse and wonder, years later, why you still have not set up your own business

We are about helping you actually getting shit done the Ibiza way.

When you are thinking of setting up your own business we will be by your side to share with you exactly how we build our businesses, and what you absolutely should NOT do.

We have the wish that you startup your business without all the mistakes we made in half of the time that it took us.

We will be you coach, guide and mentor but above all we will be your friends.

We truly believe that you also have a bigger purpose in business and life that you need to pursuit in order to live your life to the fullest. And we are ready to guide you every step of the way.

Virgil & Marisa