8 habits you should have if you want to be a successful entrepreneur

You love to read about that successful entrepreneur how made a dent in the universe. You often ask yourself how do they actually do it. Do they have a set of super powers? We love to share with you our 8 daily habits that helps us running two businesses in Ibiza. Are you ready?

You the entrepreneur should meditate

You know the feeling when your mind is so occupied with thoughts that you can not seem to focus on a task. In this case focussing on training and a busy superwoman lifestyle.

That ́s where daily meditation practice will be very helpful.

Yes I hear you! Me meditating? That is not for me. I had the same thought until I found a simple tool to help me, I will share it with you a bit later.

If you train your brain to let thoughts come and go without being affected, you will change your mindset and be more effective and positive. That’s what we want.

The other huge benefit is that during 10 minutes you place yourself at the centre of the universe. It ́s just a little your time to kickstart your day..

Well you know by now that I love simplicity. That ́s why I highly recommend the smartphone app headspace .

So download the app and start meditating every day for only 10 min.

The toughest task first

Do you know the feeling that you create a to do list and at the end of the day you stare at your list and you see that almost nothing is done?

To prevent you from getting overwhelmed and demotivated you do the toughest task first.

Studies show that most people are only productive for roughly 2 hours a day.

The rest of the day is spend with tasks that are not that important. Think for example about checking email and social media updates.

We want you to be at peek productive at the beginning of your day so you can make your 90 day outcome goals.

It is very important that you know how long a task will take to complete.

It might be the case that a task need more days to complete. If that is the case create mini milestones when you work on a bigger task.

For example you need to create a PDF document like you are reading now.

Day 1 Write task

Day 2 Design PDF in Canva

Day 3 Make changes


This is what you do:

  1. Turn your internet connection off
  2. Turn off your phone
  3. Start working on your most important task in slots of 25 min then take a 5 minute break
  4. Stick to that one task until you reached your mini milestone or when the task is done


Tap yourself on the back.

I was blessed to work as a personal trainer in a rehab centre in Ibiza along with uk´s best therapist in the field of addiction recovery.

I have learned a lot about self-esteem and especially how to restore it. Addicts have a very low self-esteem and It is for this reason that they take refuge in the taking of substances to fill a void.

Low self-esteem and Low Self control not being the centre of the universe are most of the time the key components of failure and giving up.

In order for you to succeed in anything you need to work on your self esteem and self control on a daily basis.

So what I would like you to do every day is this simple drill:

Every time you do something for yourself or someone else tap yourself on the shoulder. ( You can do this in your mind too).

For example: when you are staying 5 minutes longer in bed tap yourself on the shoulder and say:´you deserve this¨ or when you let somebody going in front of you in the supermarket tap yourself on your shoulder and say well done.

The key to success is that you keep it very simple. Do this just 3 times a day and keep it tiny.

Don´t think wow i’m going to fast track the drill and I do 20 “taps” a day, because you can not keep that up for the rest of your life.

What you will notice is that when for example you not feeling like doing that tough task, the choice to just do it instead of walking away from the task will be stronger.

So recap:

3 times a day tap yourself on the shoulder when you do something for yourself or for somebody else. Keep it tiny and limit it to only 3 times a day..

This will take you less then 3 min a day but will have a huge impact on your self-esteem and you will be reaching any of the goals you have in life.


In our training business The Workout Club Ibiza we share the importance of exercise as a lifestyle.

A strong body equals a strong mindset. Take the time to in your schedule to do a form of exercise daily.

This is what i recommend. Do strength exercises 3 times a week in the gym or at home, and two times a week of what i call slow cardio.

A 15 min walk daily is already great to keep your body in excellent shape. Let´s start training to fuel your mindset to succeed.

Celebrate all wins

People always seem to think about all the bad things that happens to them. And yes that is a way you could choose to look at life. A negative state of mind will keep you away from solutions and keep you from taking action.

So why not starting doing the opposite?

That is celebrating all wins. Even the little ones. It works as simple as this… You have read the 8 Daily habits for success so celebrate!

Jump on the table put on some music on and dance… !

Life is great because you just do daily little things to change your life to make it better. You get it right..

Celebrate all wins even the little ones…


Turn around negative thoughts

This is a tough thing to do.. But when you have a negative thought in your head I would love you to do the following drill that i have learned from Tony Robbins book and seminars.

  1. Ask yourself what you would like to do instead of worrying. For example become successful or finish the program.
  2. Realise why worrying would destroy your day
  3. Interrupt the pattern by doing something absurd: For example scream in your head I LOVE RAINBOWS…
  4. Create an empowering alternative. Talk to your buddy about what you can do now that will be a solution. Or do 50 jumping jacks to clear your head and think then about a solution.
  5. Condition the new pattern in your mind by visualising and rehearsing in your head over and over again.
  6. Test yourself. Think about the situation that made you worry a lot and see if it still that worrying. This looks like a lot at this moment.

I promise that when you practice this you will overcome negative thoughts faster every time. Your buddy and the facebook group are there to help you overcome negative thoughts. So don’t be ashamed and share yours.


Create your daily to do list the evening before

Planning is key to your fitness and life success. In order to make your day as efficient as possible, I highly recommend you to plan your day the evening before.

You will not believe how much space in your head you will create by doing so.

When you know exactly what you need to do, you can focus all your mental energy on staying positive and focussed to keep on moving forward.

Here is what you do:

Before you go to sleep write down your to do list. Use your phone if you’re like me to make this process fast. Remember to keep things simple.

Take a look at your projects you created in your GSD framework.  Just write down 2 to 3 tasks you really like to get done the next day.

The next day you start with the toughest task first and work your way through your list. Keep it simple and you will transform your business and your life



Visualise  your business before you fall asleep

You have probably heard a lot about the power of visualisation. There are many books written about vision boards and manifesting the things you like to change in life.

I do believe in all those methods, my job is to keep it as simple and effective as possible for you.

So this is the system I use created by the founder of the psycho cybernetics system, Dr Maltz. This is all about the power of visualisation.

Dr Maltz refers to an emotional mechanism called the success failure mechanism. I will go more into details about that mechanism later in the program.

The success failure mechanism does not know the difference between fiction or reality and to be programmed to fail or to succeed.

So guess what: You already know how to program the mechanism to fail…

You probably do that every single day. What you feed into the mechanism becomes instant reality.

An example. You don’t feel like going to work. You imagine vividly how it feels to have a fever. You actually feel your sore throat and your head begins to ache.

After a while, your body temperature rises. And when you call up your boss to tell you are sick, you are sick, actually.

Do you recognise this sensation of programming to fail? So would it be possible to program the success failure mechanism to succeed…?

Well ….. YES, I scream at the top of my lungs. Because the mechanism does not know the difference between fiction or reality and you can program it right before you go to sleep.

So here is what you do: Lay in bed and imagine your body getting heavier and heavier. Imagine for example how you would like to look like.

Imagine in extreme details how your business looks like. Engrave the sensation that you have in your brain when your business has huge success.

Imagine what you feel when that happens. Imagine every extreme detail of the situation. And then gently fall asleep.


So here you have it. Our 8 daily habits. We hope that you will give it a try and share your experience with us. Now it´s time to get shit done!

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