7 steps you must take to prepare for your Ibiza move

The idea of moving to Ibiza has been flirting with you for quite a while. But your dream turns quickly into a nightmare when you start thinking about all the things you must do before you can actually move.

We know the feeling of uncertainty, doubt and fear. We had them too. But let us help you organise your thoughts.

We’ve created 7 steps that helped us a lot to get a clear picture of what we wanted from our new Ibiza adventure. These 7 steps will also help you to create a step by step action plan to make your Ibiza move a lot easier and well organised.

So grab pen and paper to make some notes. Are you ready to dive in?


1. Your short-term goals

There is a lot of content written about goal setting, vision boards and detailed plans. And we believe that is a good thing.

But …

We’d like to make it as simple for you as possible. Probably you have already thought about your long-term 5 and 10 year goals.  And maybe you have written them down somewhere and thrown them into a dark place where they are collecting dust. (At least that’s what happened to our long-term goals).

Long-term goals are great for overall vision and direction. But let’s be honest, things might change over time right?

And that means that sometimes you need to adjust your long-term goals a little bit to keep on moving forward. We call this concept the pivot. We changed directions many times during our Ibiza adventure.

Here is an example of one of our pivots:

In Amsterdam, we decided that The Workout Club Ibiza was going to be our source of income in Ibiza. A gym with the focus on groups and personal training for men and women.

We created the logo and our idea was to become a school of strength. Barbells, Kettlebells a cool industry-like gym with motivational quotes in the form of graffiti on the walls.. Cool huh?

But Ibiza changed it all….

For some reason, the people we attracted to The Workout Club Ibiza were only women. So our school of strength was out the door. Moms who did not have a lot of time wanted to get strong, in shape and to look and feel great in the minimum amount of time. So we needed to pivot in order to make it work.

And so we did..

Now TWC-Ibiza is a thriving family-like community that helps entrepreneurial women to become the best version of themselves.

Did we think about this in our long-term goals? Absolutely not, but we changed like water that hits a rock and gently moves around it to keep following its way. We pivoted but still kept our long-term goal to set up a training company up in Ibiza

Back to your short-term goals.

The reason that short-term goals are so powerful is that you can create an action plan from it that will move you forward fast. These are some of the things you can add to your short-term goal list.  So let’s get started.

Write down what you would like to get done in the coming 12 months. Think about:

  • Quitting your job
  • Renting your house out
  • Learning spanish
  • Exploring business ideas
  • Starting networking in Ibiza
  • Selling your property

You get the idea, right. Write your short-term goals based on all the things you’d like to achieve this coming 12 months. Be very specific which day you’d like to get something done. For example:

  • Jan 15  Rent out my house
  • Feb 12 Buy a Spanish car
  • Mar 14 Book tickets to Ibiza for research trip

So stop reading now and create your 12 month goal list!


2.  Create your to do list

We were never big friends with our to do lists. Why? Because we could never actually get to the end of the list. Can you imagine a to do list with more than 30 things on it?

What happened to us is that we became so overwhelmed by the list that we pushed the subjects forward and never got anything done. Do you recognise this?

We still believed in the power of planning and luckily we found a great book called “Rework”. The book teaches you how you can set up a business in modern times. A must-read for when you’d like to set up a business in these times.

One of the things that stuck with us was the power of planning the evening before you go to sleep what you’re about to do the next day.

And this is the beautiful part, your to do list has max 2 things on it. Yes, you read it right only two things.

How on earth can you plan a complete new life in another country with only two things a day on your list? That question also popped up in our head when we read about it the first time.

Let us explain…

Remember our 30 things to do list? All those things needed to be done but we could not move ourselves to do them because it was way too long. Every morning we would look at the list thinking: “this we’ll do tomorrow, and this we’ll do next week.” You know the feeling, right?

Well, imagine you wake up. You have a lot of things to do to run your everyday life. And when you finally have the time to work on your dream, you look at at your pre- planned list of 2 things to do today.

All you need to do is start with the first and when you’ve done, you do the second thing on the list. And then you’re done for the day. When you stick to this routine and you make it a habit you will have done your 30 things in about two weeks.

Can you see the power of simplicity here? So, this is what we would like you to do from today.

  • The night before, create a to do list of two things from your short term goals
  • When you wake up start with the first
  • Then the second and you’re done

Yes friends, it’s that easy. One last tip before we move on to point 3. Make sure to turn off all distractions like Facebook, email etc. You will be amazed how much you can get done in a couple of hours of disconnection.



3. Know your numbers

A lot of people come to Ibiza and hope that they will make it. Trust us when we tell you that living in Ibiza is absolutely not easy. Unfortunately many people have to leave and go back home because they did not make it. In their frustration they blame Ibiza.

They say things like; “Ibiza has changed. The people are different.” Of course we understand their frustrations but let’s look at it from a different angle.

Let’s say you’d like to build a house. Would you just rush to the store and buy supplies to build  and start building without any research, help of an architect and a builder. You wouldn’t right?

First you would need to check if the building permission is in order. Then you would let the architect design a home that professional builders would build. After months of carefully planning and building you finally can live in your brand new home.

The same goes for moving to another country. You need to plan well, you need to know about your financial situation and that brings us to point number 3. Know your numbers.

Before you go into complete stress, we’d love to say that you don’t need to be a mathematician to create your balance sheet. Just breathe and we’ll keep it very simple.

First you create an Excel sheet with four columns:

  • Your income
  • Your expenses
  • Your debt
  • Your savings

The goal of this balance sheet is to have an overview of your financial situation at this stage. Our aim is to get you out of debt and start saving money ASAP.

Remember that we need to prepare well. And one of the reasons we did make it is that we saved money to cover our first year in Ibiza.

It made our lives a lot less stressful knowing that we did not need to worry about money. And we could fully focus on setting up our training business.

Now take a seat and breathe because now we will share with you how much money you will need to start your Ibiza life. We saved 25.000 euro to start our Ibiza life. Yes that sounds like a lot and trust me you will need it. But no worries, in step 4 we will share with you how we saved money fast.

Cala Vadella, San Jose. Ibiza's beautiful south.

4 Pay yourself first

In our lifetime we have read countless books that changed our lives. One of those books is the classic “The Richest Man in Babylon.” It tells the tale of a poor boy in ancient Babylon and how he managed to became the richest man in the country.

When you work hard and you receive your monthly pay-check it always amazed us how fast that money is gone. Do you have that too?

Before you know it you are waiting for the next pay-check to come. So how on earth are you going to save money? Well the solution is very simple you need to pay yourself first.

Let us explain how the concept works. Every time your pay-check comes in you take 10% of the total amount and put it in a savings account. You will not really miss it because you would probably have spent that 10% of your income on something for yourself anyway.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • Let’s say you receive 1000 euro.
  • Cost of living 600 euro
  • Money to spend 400 euro

Instead of 1000 euro you will have 900 to spend and you will be able to still do what you like. Maybe a beer or a night out less. But other than that, you’re living and saving at the same time.

You pay yourself 100 euro first and put that in your savings account. You never touch that money even if you are in trouble. Be resourceful and make it work. Every month you make it a habit to pay yourself 10% of what you earn and your savings slowly start to grow.

Feel free to adjust the percentage of savings on your numbers if you like to grow even faster. We used to do this for 3 years and we had our 25.000 euro to start a new life. The rest is history. Let’s take a look at the next step.


5. Your circle of influence.

Do you know the feeling when you are going out with a group of friends and one person is not liking it? The whole group feels uncomfortable because of the vibes of that one person.

Can you imagine how that works when a whole group likes one thing and you are the only one who thinks differently? Most of the time, you end up doing something you don’t really like because you are not supported. You simply give up because you’re demotivated by others.

Unfortunately  most of our dreams are not killed by ourselves but by the negative thoughts others have. We were in the same situation. And often this is not done on purpose.

When we started talking to our friends about our Ibiza plans most of them loved it but they had their doubts.

  • Are you sure about giving up your security in Holland?
  • How are you going to survive in Ibiza?
  • Why don’t you wait a couple of years?

All these questions that people had were basically their own doubts and fears of changing direction in their lives. 98% of the people have the same idea to travel the world or move to another country but they are  simply afraid of change.

So when you are sharing your plans and you are ready to do it (not sure what this in red means, Virgil!!) Deep down, they would truly like to do it, but they don’t have the guts to move forward. So what they do is subconsciously project their fears and doubts onto you.

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And guess what..

You start to doubt and to fear.. Because let’s be honest that’s what is keeping you awake at night right? So, you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. People who motivate and support your every idea instead of criticising it.

You need to be with those people daily to strengthen your beliefs that you can do it too. They will share their experiences with you so you can learn from their mistakes. But where do you find these people?

Well you just did. You have read this article this far so you are truly committed to your Ibiza move. We will be your circle of influence and you’re not alone.

There is a whole community of people who have the same dream as you, and who are actually doing it right now. Join the closed Moving to Ibiza (Facebook?) group to share your thoughts with like-minded people.

Your circle of influence means nothing more than surrounding yourself with people who lift you up. And your friends, they will be always your friends and share only your success with them. And who knows? You may be an inspiration to them to change their lives as well.

The power is yours


6.The master networking list

One of our good friends, Andrew Davis, a leading Social Media expert always said to us your network equals your net worth. And nothing is more true than that.

One of the main reasons people fail to make it work in Ibiza because they did not build any relationships with people.

Nowadays we seem to forget how to deal with people. We know how to do it. Our parents taught us to be polite and always listen. But for some reason along the way, we seem to forget how to treat people.

This is an example of how people think they can move to Ibiza nowadays. This is one of the 70 emails we receive a day:


I am thinking about moving to Ibiza and I was wondering if you could go to Santa Gertrudis where I saw this beautiful house for rent. It cost 2500 for the month but I think that’s way too expensive.

Can you go and speak with the owner and ask if he can rent it to us for 1000 euro and when you’re there can you also drive by the garage to see if they still have cheap cars for sale.

I’am a bit in a hurry so can you do that before Monday?


Is this for real? We don’t know Harry! What do you think our answer to Harry was. We kept it very polite and told him we had no time to go to talk to house-owners on behalf of strangers.

And this way of dealing with people becomes more common in the world. So how could you win us two strangers over to you, to help you with something. The answer is very simple. Build a relationship with us.

Actually listen to what we have to say. And not just listening but be genuinely interested in the other person. Don’t make it about you, but make it about them. Here is another email that stood out from the rest:

Dear Marisa & Virgil,

I’d like to start by saying that I’m truly thankful for your content. You guys kept my Ibiza dream alive even when I sometimes thought it would never happen.

I listened to your advice and I booked a couple of short trips in the off-season to experience the island in a different way.

I am about to come over in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if you need anything from Holland. I will be more then happy to bring it over for you. You’re probably missing some things from Holland, I presume.

Well, this is my way of saying thank you and i’m looking forward to hearing from you what you need and I will make sure that you will get it. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward seeing you in Ibiza with your gifts. X


Can you imagine our surprise. Our day was made and we were talking for hours about the kindness of Nelly. This was someone who just sent us a message and thought about us instead of herself.

She made it about us. And guess what we did in return? We were so thrilled with the treats from Holland that we invited her for dinner.

We helped her to set up her personal action plan. We shared our best Ibiza contacts with her to get started. We went all out to help her the best way we could. And all of that because of a simple honest and open email.

That’s the power of relationships! So how do you build relationships in Ibiza on steroids from home?

We’ve got your back. Meet the master networking list; a simple tool that will get you the contacts you need for your Ibiza move.You start by creating an excel sheet with a couple of columns.

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Date last contact
  • Last Action

Click here to download the Master Networking List Excel sheet

This is it, friends… We keep things simple. So this is what you do first. You put everybody you know in Ibiza on that list. Don’t think too much about it. Just write the names down.

Before you know it you have 50 people on your list. Every day you take 15 minutes to work on your master networking list. And this is what you do. You pick a name on that list and you just send a kind message.

See if you can help that person with something. Remember the email that we received from Nelly. So for example:

HI Virgil,

How are you doing in Ibiza? I just found this cool article about bodyweight exercises. I know that you like to train a lot and I believe you will find this very helpful. Have a great day.

In your Excel sheet, you have my name, my contact details and the date that you sent me this message. But the most powerful thing is your last action. You write down that you have sent me an article.

So you work down your list and every day you keep on doing this for 15 minutes. And at some point a couple of weeks later, you come back to my name. You can see that you’ve sent me an article.

You next message to me will be something like this:

Hi Virgil,

Did you have some muscle ache from that article i sent you? I know I did!

Talk to you soon.

Guess what will happen on my end. How did this person remember that? How cool! I will know, like and, most importantly, trust you. And the next time you ask me a question, I will help you first because you built a relationship with me.

Make it a habit to work every day for only 15 minutes on this list and add each day 2 new people to your list.

Where do you find new people ? The Ibiza online community seems to thrive on Facebook. Join  the conversation in various Facebook groups. Listen help and make it about them, and you are set to build great relationships and long lasting friendships.

To give you an idea how powerful this concept is we’d love to share with you that our whole fitness business is build on a master networking list of 250 people.  Now it’s your turn to build your network of friends…


7.Learning Spanish

When you are speaking to people in their own language they will love you. Doors will open and you get so much more done. So you need to start learning Spanish.

The best way is to take lessons to get the basic structure of the language. For 3 years we had Spanish private classes at our house in Amsterdam. We had loads of fun but we had one problem that was holding us back. We only were speaking Spanish once a week.

So if we could do it all over again this would be the way to shortcut your learning curve.

  • Use an smart phone app like Babbel.com
  • Go to Spanish conversation groups
  • Find a Spanish partner (if you’re single)
  • Talk Spanish as much as you can to practice

Use Facebook to find meet up groups. Ask around in your master networking list if anyone would like to exchange Spanish with you. Our experience is that Spanish people love to teach others their language.

So, there you have it; the 7 things we did to prepare really well for our Ibiza move. This is what you do. Save this article and re-read the parts that you are working on.

Of course we’ll be here to assist you every step of the way. So feel free to send us your questions.  We’re looking forward to all your comments but more importantly your successes.


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About the Author:

Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.


  1. Nicole Van Weert September 23, 2016 at 10:19 pm

    Hola Guapos!
    Thanx 4 sharing your knowledge & experiance with the world.
    I just read your article & really enjoyed & learned from it.
    The timing is right on spot, because coming monday we are moving 2 Eivissa…
    We are so happy & excited!
    We hope 2 meet you sometime…
    Ibiza style…
    Saludos cordiales y kusjes uit nu nog Nederland ( nog 3 nachtjes ? )
    Nicole & Wilfried

  2. Marisa & Virgil September 23, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    Hi Nicole & Wilfried,

    Welcome to Ibiza and for sure we will meet somewhere… Enjoy the island… x


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    Thank you for writing this article so interesting. Ibiza has something to love us all and makes us recover lost energy. A big kiss!

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  9. Nadia Wilde January 17, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    Fantastic article! A lot of these things I already do in life but haven’t started putting them into practice for my dream move so this has helped me get planning!
    Thankyou to you both, I have just requested to join the Facebook group too!
    Lots of love,

  10. Virgil January 17, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Thank you Nadia for your comment. We are ready when you are … Join us on the facebook group and on our newsletter and we will sent a lot of great stuff to you… x


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