6 Common Excuses Stopping You From Living Your Dream

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WARNING: This will change your life

If you want to work when and where you want, never hate Monday’s again and stop wondering “What If?” then immediately pause what you are doing, make yourself comfortable and read this.


Ok, I’ll begin…

For a lot of people who have left home to move to Ibiza, they’ll tell you that they’re living their dream. The golden sun, aquamarine sea and bohemian laid back vibes entices people to leave the jobs they no longer love and turn their dreams into a reality.

Talking of dreams, what’s your definition of living the dream?


Working when and where I want, sunshine and inspirational surroundings, a strong sense of community and funds that offer the freedom I desire.

WOAH! Hold up, I AM living my dream. Duh!

Ok, so I knew that. It’s a hard life but I have to live MY dream, because I help others realise theirs AND live it, so it would be a little hypocritical if I wasn’t, right?


Stuck in a job you hate = BORING, FRUSTRATING & EXHAUSTING

What do you want to say about YOUR life?

Before you answer that, I want to say that I know it’s scary, it feels like there is so much to figure out and so much to risk, but when you remove all the fear, there really is nothing to worry about. You don’t HAVE to believe me when I say that, you can believe it when YOU see it, BUT, you won’t see it with your eyes closed.

I’m here to crack your eyes wide open, because this kind of dreaming doesn’t happen in your sleep. So when you read on, pay attention to what excuses you might be making so that you can TAKE ACTION.

By the way, I wouldn’t open your eyes and give you nothing to see. I’m also giving away for FREE my FAST TRACK GUIDE “7 Simple Steps To Changing Your Career Without The Fear of Failure” so that you can create a crystal clear vision for your future and take your first steps towards living your dream.


1 Dismissing it as fantasy

It’s easy to imagine what your dream life would look like when you’re fantasising about it, but when you’re faced with making it a reality, it’s much easier to believe “That wouldn’t happen to me”. Our dream life can feel like a fantasy, that’s why it’s called your “dream life” but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. If someone is already doing it in this world, then you know it’s possible and that it can happen to you.

2 Trying to control every step

Once you have an idea of your dream life, the next logical step is “How will I make it happen?” To feel confident moving forward we believe that we need to know every single step to get us there, however because this is in the future, it is in fact impossible to know what will unfold. So what actually happens is we scare ourselves out of taking even the first step and in reality that is all we can ever know.


3 Making money a big issue

A lot of the time our dream life involves money, however not having it should not stop you from living your dream. If money is needed to get there, you have to start small and think big. Ok, so this might not happen overnight, but success rarely does, this is about the long game. Be resourceful and think outside of the box, there is always a way.


4 Believing there’s not enough time

Everybody has the same amount of time, there is always 24 hours in a day. If you need more time, make figuring out how you can create more time your priority. Think about outsourcing some of your work, working on your dream on the weekends or better management of your diary. I created my dream whilst having a fulltime job; I worked on it on the train to work, in my lunch break and when I got home. That took me 6 months, but I found the time and now I’m here!

5 Being scared it won’t work

Our dream is normally exciting and life changing and the expectation of it can also lead to disappointment. “What if I fail?” The truth is, if you plan to fail, it’s likely you will not see it happen, but if you plan to succeed, you will. This is all a choice of mindset and perception. Only you can decide if something has failed or not. Think about the worse case scenario, if things didn’t happen as you’d planned, is it really that bad or is it worth at least trying for your best case scenario?


6 Not dreaming big enough

To feel courageous enough making a big leap, our dream must excite us and the only reason it won’t, is if we don’t give ourselves permission to dream big. If your dream is half hearted, why would you want to make the effort to get there? It does take working hard, it takes commitment and a lot of “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. What you’re working towards, needs to be well worth it.

The good news is, that all of the above can be figured out. Don’t watch another year, month or day go by wondering “What if?” take your first step today and sign up by using the link below FAST TRACK GUIDE “7 Simple Steps To Changing Your Career Without The Fear of Failure”


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Lydia lives by her belief that life is supposed to be AMAZING, so after coming to Ibiza for 15 years and realising that living here would make life even MORE amazing, the three year plan to get here fell magically into place within three months. She is an ACC certified Life & Business Coach with the International Coaching Federation and the co-creator of Coaching apps Niggle-Lite and Niggle-Pro. As the founder of Life Cleanse, most days you’ll find her, helping other ambitious individuals become mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit, so that they too, can live out their dreams and make life even more amazing.

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