3 simple steps to get a client today

How about starting your week with some brand new clients. Would you jump on the table and celebrate..? Let´s not waste any time and get started now!

We needed a miracle

There was a time that things in our training business were not all roses and sunshine.

We were running out of money fast because of buying a car that broke down on us after 6 months.

Our savings started to dry up faster than expected and we needed a miracle fast.

The concept we are about to share with you we learned from our mentor and friend Jon Goodman

We put our heads together and said to each other we need clients now. We switched on our pigheaded discipline and took action. This is how we did it:

3 steps you should take today!

1. Make a list of at least 100 people

Yes i hear you thinking:” i don´t know so many people” Now is the time to start thinking in solutions instead of problems.

Open your phone and start with the first person you see. Write all the names and contact details down in an excel sheet or a piece of paper when you are old school.

Open your email program and go to the sent email section. Write down the last 50 people down in your excel sheet with their names and contact detail.

Go to facebook and start with the letters A til D. Write down all their details and you will be well over a 100 people.

That´s a promise!

2. Connect with the people on your list

Start at the top of the list and contact that person via facebook, whatsapp or email. This is a message that we would sent:

Hey Harry,

We were at the office and the music was playing and the vibe was great. Spring is in the air

and then we thought of you..

We’ve figured let´s send you a quick message to say hi, and to see how you are doing.

So how are things?

Kind Regards,

Virgil & Marisa
The Ibiza Way

3 things can happen at this point:

They don’t reply back at your message
They wish you well
They ask how you are doing
1. They don’t reply back to your message

Put them on your master networking list and contact them next month again. They will have you in the front of their minds.

2.They wish you well

Again they go on the master networking list make sure that you use a reminder in your google calendar. To contact them next month again.

3. They ask how you are doing

Hooray you have the reaction that you are looking for. This is the time that you reply with your mini elevator pitch.

Your mini elevator pitch

Be creative original and fun something like this:

Hi Mary,

Super excited about the brand new online course i just released where i help NEW entrepreneurs start and improve their business The Ibiza Way.

Thank you so much for asking.

Again 3 things can happen:

1. No Reply. Great contact them next month again.
2. They reply with:” Wow good work and lot of success”
3. That sounds fantastic can you tell me more?

And that my friends is what copywriting guru Dan Kennedy calls the million dollar question.

Now you have the opportunity to present your product or service in a non pushy way with all your enthusiasm.

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your interest in our Perfect Business Course for new entrepreneurs

Because this program is tailor made to your needs and wishes i love to offer you a free 15 success session to go over your business goals

In this call you can ask all the questions that you might have and i can get a good idea how to design your program.

When is it a great time for you Monday morning or Tuesday evening?

When you are not sure yet i include a link to my calendar so you can schedule your success session with me when it is convenient for you.

Looking forward helping you to start up your business the Ibiza way

Kind regards,

Virgil & Marisa
The Ibiza Way

As you can see my message is structured in a certain way.

Let´s break it down.

First you thank them for their interest in your product or service. In the first sentence you tell them for who your product or service is. In my example you see i start with:

our Perfect Business Course

I share that my program is tailor made and that everybody is unique. That´s why i invite them on a 15 min success session with me.

The call might take longer than 15 min most of the time. But in this way they don’t get overwhelmed that i will take a lot of their time.

In the end they are busy people right!
I offer them 2 days for a possible call and i offer them to click a link to schedule a call themselves.

The goal of this message is that you like to have a conversation with them. This gives you the chance to listen to their pains, doubts, fears, goals , hopes and dreams.

A very handy free scheduling tool that we use is Calendly.

Very simple to use and our clients loves it. It automatically connects to your google calendar so you can see in your diary when an appointment is scheduled.

When you have a product or a store you can invite them to come to the store.

When time is an option you always can be creative with a video call were you take them through your store virtually…

Here you have it.

Make a list of at least 100 people
Contact them and ask how they are doing
Invite them on a cal or invite them to your location for a conversation
I promise you when you have the pigheaded discipline to sit down and just do it you will have new clients this week.

The power is your now go get it done..

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About the Author:

Virgil is the co founder of The Ibiza Way. He has a mission to help as many entrepreneurs all around the world to improve their business The Ibiza Way. Ibiza is his base the world is his stage. Oh yes and he loves the flip flop lifestyle.

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