16 proven strategies to Get Clients for your business

Get clients today!

You are running your business and you are working very hard. You know that the one thing to take your business forward is to get clients through the door.

We know how you feel. We were exactly where you are right now. Day after day we were struggling to get our ideal clients through our door.

This post is a result of years of trial and error, learning and implementing strategies from mentors, friends and leaders from around the world.

Until this day we run two successful businesses The Workout Club Ibiza and The Ibiza Way.

Virgil & Marisa help you to get clients

Now it´s time to share with you what we have learned.

We have created an in depth 6585-word post where you can choose which strategy suits you best. This is not a post with a lot of theory that will leave you guessing. Each ‘getting clients’ strategy has a step by step action plan that you can follow and implement.

Your mindset to get clients

Before you get started we need you to change your mindset towards getting clients. Everything we do in our business is based 3 golden rules.

  • Keep it simple
  • Create a pig-headed discipline
  • Get Shit Done!

The 3 golden rules are the only way how you are going to get clients for your business.

Our mission is to empower you to improve your business as simple and effective as possible. So enough chit chat. It´s time to get clients.

Let’s dive in.


Are you ready to get clients?

  1. Build relationships
  2. Ask referrals
  3. Share clients success on social such as Facebook
  4. Join Facebook groups
  5. Ask your client’s birthday
  6. Create a small challenge with an outcome
  7. Take daily action
  8. Send email regularly
  9. Create a cool elevator pitch
  10. Use special theme days
  11. Form strategic partnerships
  12. Follow up old clients
  13. Write content
  14. Get interviews on a podcast
  15. Answer questions
  16. Share case studies

Get clients by building relationships first

#1. Build relationships

There was a time that things in our training business were not all roses and sunshine. We were running out of money because of buying a car that broke down on us within 3 months and cost more to repair than the price to buy it. Our savings started to dry up faster than expected and we needed to get clients fast.

The strategy we are about to share with you, we learned from our mentor and friend Jon Goodman, founder of  Personal Trainer Development Centre and it´s called ‘Relationship Marketing’.

We put our heads together and said to each other; ” We need clients now!” We switched on our pig-headed discipline, kept it simple and took action. This is how we did it:

1. Make a list of at least 100 people

Yes, we hear you thinking:” I don’t know so many people”. But now is the time to start thinking of solutions instead of problems!

Open your phone and start with the first person you see. Write all the names and contact details down in an Excel sheet or on a piece of paper when you are old school.

Open your email program and go to the ‘sent email’ section. Write down the last 50 people in your Excel sheet with their names and contact details.

Go to Facebook and start with the letters A until D. Write down all their details and you will be well over a 100 people.

That we know for sure!

2. Connect with the people on your list

Start at the top of the list and contact that person via Facebook, WhatsApp or email. This is a message that we would send:

Hey Harry,

We were at the office, the music was playing and the vibe was great. Spring is in the air! And then we thought of you.

We’ve figured let´s send you a quick message to say “Hi’, to see how you are doing.

So how are things?

Have an amazing day,

Virgil & Marisa
The Ibiza Way

3. things can happen at this point:

  1. They don’t reply to your message
  2. They wish you well
  3. They ask how you are doing

1. They don’t reply to your message

Put them on your master networking list and contact them next month again. They will have you in the front of their minds.

2.They wish you well

Again they go on the master networking list and make sure that you set a reminder in your Google calendar to contact them next month again.

3. They ask how you are doing

Hooray, you have the reaction that you are looking for. This is the time that you reply with your mini elevator pitch.

Be creative, original and fun… Something like this:

Hi Mary,

We are super excited about the brand new online course we ‘ve just released where we help NEW entrepreneurs to start and improve their business The Ibiza Way.

Thank you so much for asking.

Virgil & Marisa
The Ibiza Way

Again 3 things can happen:

1. No Reply. Great! Contact them next month again.

2. They reply with:” Wow good work and lot of success”

3. That sounds fantastic can you tell me more?

And that dear friends is what copywriting guru Dan Kennedy calls ‘The Million Dollar Question!

Now you have the opportunity to present your product or service in a non-pushy way with all your enthusiasm.

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your interest in our Perfect Business Course for new entrepreneurs

Because this program is tailor made to your needs and wishes we’d love to offer you a free 15-minute success session to go over your business goals. In this call, you can ask all the questions that you have and we’ll get a good idea about how to design your program.

When is a great time for you? Monday morning or Tuesday evening?

When you are not sure yet here’s a link to the calendar so you can schedule your success session when it’s convenient for you.

Looking forward helping you to start up your business The Ibiza Way.

To your success,

Virgil & Marisa
The Ibiza Way

As you can see the message is structured in a certain way. Let´s break it down:

First, you thank them for their interest in your product or service.

  • In the first sentence, you tell them for who your product or service is. In this example you see we start with ‘Your Perfect Business Course’.
  • We share that our program is tailor made and that everybody is unique. That´s why we invite them on a 15-minute success session.
  • The call take longer than 15 minutes most of the time. But this way they don’t get overwhelmed about the idea that it will take a lot of their time. At the end, they are busy people right?!
  • We offer them two days for a possible call and we offer them to click a link to schedule a call themselves.

The goal of this message is to have a conversation with them. This gives you the chance to listen to their pains, doubts, fears, goals, hopes and dreams.

A very handy free scheduling tool that we use is a FREE tool called Calendly.

It’s very simple to use and our clients love it. And it automatically connects to your Google calendar so you can see in your diary when an appointment is scheduled.

Here you have it!

  1. Make a list of at least 100 people
  2. Contact them and ask how they are doing
  3. Invite them to have a meeting on the phone or in person

We promise you that when you have the pig-headed discipline to sit down and just do it you will have new clients this week.

Ask refferals to get clients

#2. Ask for referrals

This is a very strong strategy we use to grow our business on a daily basis. We love it because it’s very simple but effective. The best time to ask for referrals is when your client has a great win. Let´s give you an example.

In our training business The Workout Club Ibiza we help women to get back in shape. When we reach the end of a 4-week program we invite them for what we call a success session. We talk about their obstacles and help them to overcome them. More importantly, we celebrate their wins.

They love it! We turn on the music and dance on the table, we make it an epic mini event for them.

When they are the most excited we are preparing the stage for asking for referrals.

We say something like this:

Hi Mary,

You are one of the reasons why we love what we do. You have turned into a completely different person.

Our purpose in life is to help as many women like yourself to change their body, mind and lifestyle.

I would like to ask you if you might know people in your circle of friends who also need to change their lifestyle. You can give them the gift of reclaiming their lives and experience the same great changes that you experienced the last 4 weeks. All you need to do is ask them if it’s OK if we contact them and we will be forever grateful.


The moment that your clients are the happiest about your service that is the right moment to start this conversation. You call the referral on behalf of your client and you say something like this:

Hi Diana,

Virgil: Hi Diana, I´m Virgil from the Workout Club Ibiza. Do I disturb you right now?

Diana: Oh Hello. Mary told me about you. No, you don´t disturb me

Virgil: I would like to invite you to our free 1-week trial of program XXX. I heard from Mary that you are thinking about something like this for a long time.

Diana: Yes, I love that! When can I start?

Virgil: Our office team is going to send you all the details via WhatsApp. For now, I like to welcome you to the family and we see you next week.

Diana: Yes! I’m super excited.

This is an example of when you like to send a potential referral a message via email or social media:

Dear Diana,

I´m Marisa from the Workout Club Ibiza. Your friend Mary has mentioned your name. She said that you deserve a little help from us and that’s why I’m reaching out to you.

Mary has been training with us the last couple of months and has seen some incredible results. She would love for you to join her in the training sessions.

I know that this might be a great surprise for you, but you have been chosen by Mary to receive a 1-week training program absolutely for free.

So what do you say..? When would you like to start? Monday or Wednesday?

Looking forward to seeing you on the beach with us soon!

Happy day to you,

The Workout Club Ibiza

Relationship building rules

Make sure to use the relationship building concepts to follow up. Studies show that people need to be exposed 7 times to a service before they decide to purchase.

That means that the secret of clients lies in the follow-up.

These are some short templates you can personalize to start asking for referrals. Feel free to change the scripts. They are only guides. We would love you to add your own personality and character.

Here you have it!

  1. Ask for a referral when your client is sharing how happy he/she is
  2. Contact the referral ASAP
  3. Make sure to follow up as we discussed in point 1 of this post

Stick to it and keep on asking for referrals when your clients are jumping from excitement. You will get more clients in the long run.

Share your clients success to get new clients in your business


#3. Share client’s successes on social on Facebook

We realized that people, like us, now have the power to reach a lot of people through Facebook.

If Facebook was a country it would have billions of inhabitants. So whenever people say to you that their clients are not on Facebook they’re wrong!

We encourage you to use Facebook for building relationships with your potential clients and eventually they will keep on buying from you.

This is what you do:

  1. When a client has a huge win you post on your personal profile the great achievement and tag the client’s name.
  2. What is so great about this is that all your friends and potential clients will see this post. But even more powerful, friends of your clients will see it too.

This means that your service will be exposed to all your ‘ friends and you’ll get an opportunity to build a relationship with that new circle of contacts.

You are going to take action by replying to all comments and likes by sending them something like this:

Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your like/comment on my post about Diana. She is a superstar.
How are you doing today?



This is what you do next:

  1. Post a huge win about your client on Facebook
  2. Tag the person in the post
  3. Send everybody who likes and comments a message via Facebook
  4. Make sure to follow up like we shared in point 1 of this post.

Now it´s your turn!

#4. Join Facebook groups

This is a very powerful strategy. Remember that when you like to make these concepts work for yourself you need to keep it simple. This is how we use Facebook groups to get clients.

This is how we use Facebook groups to get clients:

  1. Join 3 groups that are super engaging in your niche.
    In our case we will join groups such as business start ups, marketing and copywriting because we know that in those groups we find our ideal clients. We’d love to reach people like you, who read this post and like to improve their service based business.
  2. We have a look on how people respond to questions so you get a feel for the culture of the group.
    When you respond to a question make sure that you offer a lot of value. Don’t just respond with 3 words. Take the time to create an epic response. You will get noticed. Build relationships with the people in those Facebook groups. Become Facebook friends and take it from there.
  3. Only participate actively in one to two groups to keep it all manageable.

Keep it simple and time efficient and you will see the results.

#5. Send birthday cards

We promise you that people will love you forever when you send them a handwritten birthday card.

Ask yourself this; when was the last time you received a postcard? Some of you don’t even realize that people still send handwritten cards via post.

Make it an effort to collect the date of birth from your clients. This is what you write on the card:

Dear Mary,

Congratulations with your birthday. We wish you a fantastic day with family and friends. We would like to give you and a friend something special.

We would like to give you and a friend something special.

Join us next week for a special workshop, free of charge, and learn more about how to improve your business.
All you need to do is send us a message to let us know which day is best for you.

Now go and blow out some candles and enjoy your day.

Virgil & Marisa
The Ibiza Way

This is what will happen

  1. You will become the front of mind of your clients again. That’s a great thing.
  2. You invite them and a friend to receive an offer for free.

Not only do you share your service with the birthday boy or girl but you introduce a stranger to your business as well. Win-win for sure and therefore we love this simple concept. When you are thinking right now:” Nice one guys but how am I going to write so many birthday cards?”

The answer is companies such as Moonpig.com which can help you design, print and ship.

Simple right… 🙂

Now it´s your turn to take action.

  1. Make a list of all your client’s birthdays
  2. Set reminders in your calendar 3 days before your client’s birthday
  3. Place the order to send your card via services like Moonpig.com
  4. One day after the birthday invite them to claim their present together with a friend

#6. Create  challenges

People love challenges, especially when they are short. If you keep it simple and effective, this strategy will rock your business.

This is what you do:

  1. Choose a small portion of the content that you are sharing. For example, we help entrepreneurs improve their business The Ibiza Way. From that, we only take module 1 and that is all about mindset.
  2. We create a 5-day ‘Better mindset for business challenge’. We write down the 5 things people must do to improve their mindset. You then create 5 videos, audio files or even PDF’s, what feels comfortable for you. Keep it simple because it´s a free challenge.
  3. Promote the challenge on Facebook and in your email list.
  4. Email every day 1 of the steps. It’s even easier if you write 5 emails and place them in an autoresponder series of your email marketing program.We use Convertkit because it’s made for people like us who are not that technical.
  5. Follow up at the end of the free challenge and ask if they liked it and invite them to a strategy call with you via Zoom.

The final email from you will be something like this:

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for completing the 5-day Better Mindset For Business Challenge.

We hope that you gained a lot of useful tips from the challenge.We would love to invite you to a FREE 15-minute strategy call to see if we can help you more on a personal level.

One of our values is that we always strive for a win win situation. After the call you will have a simple personal action plan that you can implement straight away.

At the end of the call we will present our Mindset Course to you to speed up the process even more. There is no pressure to buy anything, we just like to succeed in the fastest possible way.

When is good for you to talk, Tomorrow or Thursday?

For your convenience, we have created a link right here where you can schedule the best day for your session.

Looking forward to talking to you this week.

Have a great rest of your day!

The Ibiza Way.

Don’t forget to always follow up when people do not reply back to you. The power lies in the follow up.

Let´s Get Shit Done

  1. Create your free challenge
  2. Promote your challenge via your email list and on Facebook
  3. At the end of the challenge send everybody a message to thank them and invite them for a free 15-minute call.

Now it´s your turn to create your very first challenge.

#7. Take action

You might have heard this one before; “How on earth do I take daily action? Where do you start?”

It all starts with the right mindset and simplicity. Let´s give you a checklist you can follow to Get Shit Done in your business as of from today:

  1. Plan the evening before what you are going to do the next day
  2. Choose maximum 4 things to do that day and one of them is a getting client strategy
  3. Turn off phones and social media updates
  4. Start with the hardest task first
  5. Set a timer for 25 minutes and take a little break
  6. Stay on the task until it’s done
  7. Repeat this every day

We believe this is simple and straightforward and we would like you to take action right now. Do this every day and your business will grow.

That´s a promise!

#8. Emails regularly

I know that this might sound a bit like spamming and we know that feeling very well. We used to think exactly the same thing. But one day we thought let’s test this strategy out.

We used to message our email list just once max twice a month but the results were not that good and opening rates were not that high.

We decided to start emailing our email list from Monday to Friday. The results were amazing. The openings rate went through the roof because we got way more new subscribers. At first, we thought that was a bad thing. But when we looked closer we saw that the quality of our email list became way better.

We used the 80/20 rule which means for us 80% helpful and actionable content and 20% promotions. And the power of the P.S. at the bottom of each email message helped us to expose way more people to our offerings which resulted in more new clients.

This is your step by step action plan:

  1. Get yourself an email marketing program if you do not already have one. We are in love with Convertkit Start to start building your email list. We will create a separate step by step guide about how we build an email list.
  2. Start sending daily emails by using the 80/20 rule. Always end with a strong call to action in your P.S. at the bottom of your emails.
  3. Test, improve and repeat.

There you have it! Don´t worry if you do not know how to build an email list yet. This is a very helpful post.

#9. Create an elevator pitch

How many times do you get the question: What are you doing for a living? A lot of people have the same boring answer.

Imagine this; You are at a birthday party and you start a conversation with the person next to you that you don´t know. The conversation starts and when you ask the first question the other person start talking about what they do and what they love.

People love to talk about themselves so why not just take your time and genuinely listen to that person and ask questions. Until it comes… You still remember The Million Dollar Question?

But what is it that you do?

In your mind you jump for joy because now you have the chance to WOW them with your response. But before we go there let’s have a look at what most people do;

Chris: What is it that you do?

Virgil: I´m a business consultant I love what I do. Do you have a business?

Well, this might sound nice right?I tell Chris what I do and even end with a question without selling.

But it is sooooooo boring and everybody is doing this…

This is how we do it:

Chris: What is it That you do?

Virgil: We help entrepreneurs to simplify and improve their business The Ibiza Way

Chris: Wow cool, can you tell me more about The Ibiza Way?

What happens here is that we arouse curiosity in a fun and playful way.

I could have said that I’m a business consultant because that is what we essentially are right?

Now I have the chance to build report, qualify if Chris is the right fit for our business or even ask if he knows people who might be interested in our service.

Let’s get creative and create your short elevator pitch:

  1. Come up with something funky that raises a question. For example, when you have a flower store you can think of: I make people smile once a day or I deliver happiness.
  2. Keep it short and sweet and it has to raise curiosity.
  3. Take a blank piece of paper. Turn off all distractions and start writing everything that comes to mind. Don´t think too much, just write words and small sentences down. Combine the words and small sentences until you have a pitch that you like.
  4. Now try your brand new shiny mini elevator pitch with people you know and see if they ask you what it is about.

Now it´s time to take action the power is yours.

#10. Use special theme days

Here again, it’s all about creativity. The idea is that you take a theme of the day and you build an offer around it and share it on social media or with your email list.

These are the steps to take:

  1. Let´s say it’s Valentine’s Day- create an offer around the day of love
  2. Come up with a funny or beautiful text and share that on social media or with your email list. Quotes work really well but have a look right here for some inspiration
  3. Make sure to thank everybody who liked and commented on your post and ask how they are doing. Use the strategy explained in point 1 of this post.

This strategy you can use with any day like Christmas, Woman’s Day, Secretary Day and so on.

#11. Form partnerships

You can never win a battle all by yourself. You need partners who are like-minded and complementary to your business to grow fast.

That is where Joint Venture or in short JV partners come around the corner. But you first need to find those partners right.

What we’d like to share with you is a concept we learned from Russell Brunson, author of the books Dot.com secrets and Expert secrets.

We would love to present the dream 100 list. This is what you do:

  1. Research possible joint venture partners. Let´s take our personal training business as an example. We would think of businesses like hair stylists, beauty salons, health shops, gyms with another niche, trainers with another nice, clothing shops, wedding planners, etc.
  2. Make a list of 100 most influential potential partners.
  3. Send them a message via Facebook or email or even WhatsApp if you have the details. The message goes something like this:

Dear Mary,

Let me introduce myself. I´m Marisa, co owner of The Workout Club Ibiza. We are a big fan of your hair salon.

As you already might know we train women to get in the best shape of their lives and often they discuss their hair issues in our training sessions.

We would love to recommend our clients to you because we believe you can assist them in feeling and look great.

Of course, we would like to invite your whole team to do a training session with us so you can experience what we are about.

Looking forward to a long lasting relationship

Have a lovely day,

The Workout Club Ibiza


As you can see we never ask if they like to send their clients to us. This is the art of selling. Make it about them. Trust us when we say that they will send people to you when you send people to them. If you don’t hear back, follow up every month by using the steps in point 1 of this post.

Send them something nice by mail every month. Think about something they might use.

For cheap items to send you can have a look at Alibaba.com. There you can find cool items for pennies but the impact when your potential partner receives it is huge.

So here are your action steps for finding your JV partners. Keep in mind you only need two or 3 partners who refer on a monthly basis and your business will overflow.

Make a daily effort with the dream 100 concept and you will see a massive increase in clients and profit.

#12. Follow up

This is an often overlooked very powerful way of getting clients.

It´s a no brainer. You know that it’s way easier to sell to somebody who already bought from you than to someone who is completely new. When you make this strategy mandatory, your business will grow. Let’s dive in the action steps:

Create a list of all your old clients. We use Google Drive because everything is stored in the cloud and easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Start on top and sent them a message like this:

Dear Mary,

We are working at the office, music is blasting from the speaker and we’re almost about to dance on the tables but instead we are working very hard 🙂

Your name passed by in our system and we thought let’s ask how you are doing.
So how are things.?

Warm regards from sunny Ibiza

Virgil and Marisa
The Ibiza Way

You noticed that there is no pitch made. Just a genuine question about how they are doing. Now you just repeat the follow-up process mentioned in point 1 and you are good to go

#13. Write content

This is not for everybody! You need to love writing if you want to make this one work.

The idea of this strategy is not just to write and to hope that something might come from it. We use writing in a very specific way to build relationships with influencers. And that is where you will get exposed to more people who you can start building a relationship with.

Of course, you can write about many subjects but we are especially fans of interviews. This is how we do it:

Create a list of influencers who reach the same market that you serve but with a different service. It’s important that your services are complementary to each other. Do a bit of research about the service of the people you are going to ask for your interview. You will be more likely to be heard if you know all about them.

Send them a message like this:

Dear Mary,

My name is Virgil the co founder of The Ibiza Way and I know your time is precious so I get straight to the point.

We run a blog for our clients and community where we interview experts on topics we know they are very interested in.

Marisa and I are raving fans about your book ’10 steps to master your mindset’. We’ve read it in two hours straight. Especially we loved the part where you say that you need to shut up and just do it.

It would be an honor if we may interview you for our blog and share your book with all our readers.

Looking forward to your reply.

Virgil Brewster
The Ibiza Way

As you can see we kept it short and straight to the point.

We researched Mary´s work so we could pull up some cool details only people who are familiar with the book could know. It shows that we truly have read the book

When they agree to do the interview sent them some questions via email and wait for the response. Sometimes you have to remind them about the interview so don’t be shy to follow up if they need help with the interview.

Use the same follow up process of point 1 and you will get loads of interviews.

Now create an intro for your blog post and upload it. Here is where the magic happens…

Mary will be so proud of being featured that she will share her article on social media platforms. This is your chance to build relationships with all the new people in the circle of Mary. Send everybody who liked Mary´s post on Facebook a thank you message with the question how they are doing.

Use the same follow up process of point 1 in this post and you have another killer client getting strategy at your disposal.

#14. Get Interviewed

This is a concept we’ve learned from PR Specialist Selena Soo. She was featured herself on a podcast interview where she explained this strategy. You can listen to that interview right here.

Podcasting is a great way of reaching a lot of your ideal clients. But instead of starting your own podcast why not make it an effort to be interviewed on one.

Content creators always want one thing and that is content. So if you are an expert in a certain field and a podcaster is reaching the same market why not create a win win. The podcaster gets content and you’ll get exposure. How cool is that!

We did this once and this is a podcast where Virgil was featured in. You can listen to it here. At the time of this writing we planned to use this strategy a lot more. Let´s take some action and these are the steps:

  1. First research podcasts that are relevant in your industry
  2. Go to iTunes and find 50 who are operating in your market space
    Are you thinking; “50! Why that much?” Well, to be brutally honest, when people don´t know you yet they might say no to have you on as a guest at this stage. You need to have a pigheaded discipline. Stick to it.
  3. Research the podcast of your choice. Listen to the episodes. Find out what they love to share with their audience. All you need to do is create it for them.

Start at the top and send a message like this:

Dear Mary,

First of all, I like to say I’m a huge fan of your podcast. Especially episode 234 about how to stay on top of your game was brilliant.

I´m Virgil, Co founder of The Ibiza Way and I always love a win win situation. That is, in fact, one of our core values.

I love to run this little idea by you. I know for a fact that my audience would be in love with your content and I truly believe that I can offer a lot of value to your listeners.

I have created an actionable 4-day free challenge where people are going to move forward in their business The Ibiza Way. We will drive traffic to your podcast where they can find out more about the challenge in your show notes.

Looking forward joining hands with you.

Kind regards,

Virgil Brewster
The Ibiza Way

Here you can see that we offer something of value to the podcast host. First of all we offer ready to publish content and a challenge for the listeners.

We have an opportunity to grow my email list and Mary has a new action packed episode to share.

Follow up by using the concepts of point 1 of this blog post.  Now it´s your turn to try this powerful strategy out for yourself.

#15. Answer questions

This strategy we recently learned from funnel expert Cornelia from Funnel Pro Academy. You will love her and her work. Here you can find out more about her.

She mentioned Quora in one of her Facebook live videos and Virgil being the nerd immediately tried it out.

He now is in love with Quora 😉  People post questions and you can answer them. When you think a question is great you can upvote them. When you have time for an extra platform besides Facebook, Quora has an upvote!

For this strategy, you can use Facebook groups as well.

This is how it’s done:

  1. Jump on Quora or your favourite Facebook group and scan through the questions that are being asked.
  2. When you have found some take the time to answer with some serious length to your question.
  3. Show that you care and that you genuinely try to help the person who asks the question.
  4. When people are commenting or liking your post you can send them a message and thank them for their comment or like and ask how they are doing.
  5. Keep the conversation going and keep contacting them every month like explained in point nr. 1 of this post.

You will gain visibility in your market space and you have the chance to build relationships with new people. A true win win.

So if you like answering questions this strategy is for you.

#16. Share case studies

People love to read about success stories of others to get inspiration.

So, in that case, why would you not be the one who can provide that for them?! And along the way they might become a loyal client. Let´s get started with the last but not least powerful Case Study Strategy

Let´s get started with the last but not least powerful Case Study Strategy

  1. Look for 5 clients who made an epic transformation by using your service. Identify them and take your time for this process.
  2. Get them on Zoom for a video interview and record the conversation. Don’t worry if you are not a techie in this video. Open Zoom and invite them for a session by sharing the link. Start recording and ask them the following questions:
  • Can you share your backstory?
  • What was your biggest obstacle to improve your business?
  • How did that make you feel?
  • What was your lowest point in your journey before you joined my program?
  • What was your biggest AHA moment when you were in my program?
  • How has your life changed?
  • How does your life look like now?
  • What would you say to people who are thinking of joining my program?

When your video is done make sure that you edit it yourself. If you can not edit yourself go to fiverr.com and make a deal with a video editor.

  1. Open Fiverr and locate video editors
  2. Select the ones with the best ratings and look at examples of their work.
    When you are ready to hire send them this message:

Dear Mary,

I love your work. I like to place an order but 
first I like to know what you charge for a 5-minute video.
I will provide exactly which bits of the large video you need to edit back to back to make it easier for you.

Looking forward hearing from you soon


Now it’s time to do the work on your end

  1. Open your video by double clicking. Most computers will open up automatically
  2. Write down the start time and when you like to cut. Write down the end time. Here is a video that shows you this process
  3. Send this list to the editor and when he returns the video make some adjustments and you are good to go.
  4. Share the video on social media, on your blog and don’t forget to tag the person in question. Go for it with the powerful Case Study Strategy.

Here you have it! 16 strategies that can help you to get clients for your business. Now some advice how to use this epic step by step guide.

You might be overwhelmed by the amount of strategies listed in this post. Don´t worry! This is what we like you to do right now.

Pick one or two strategies in this list. Block max 25 minutes in your busy day. Turn off all distractions and use this step by step guide and get it done.

Then implement another one. The concept of finishing one task before you moved to the next has been taught to us by our mentor Todd Herman of the 90-day a year program.

Block and tackle as Todd calls it is a very powerful way of moving forward on a day to day basis in your business.

We would love to hear your comments and feedback and let´s Get Shit Done together.


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